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Buying a caravan is a good decision as you can either use it for your personal travelling to wilderness or get it hired by people and gain profit by commercial use. However, just stand to think what ways you can ensure a safe travel in the vehicle. If you are a beginner, let’s start with advising you on caravan insurance. Firstly, get your vehicle well insured from a reputed and trusted caravan insurance company; check the deal very well and compare the costs with other to be the gainer. Just after this you will need an expert guidance to learn about the measures that should be taken as caravan safety checklist. This article will give you thorough information on what are to be checked before you start off to your next trip on the caravan.

Most of the points initially mentioned are meant to be checked when you leave your home with the caravan, while the rest are to be checked when you leave the campsite –

  • Make sure the gas cylinder is placed appropriately. It should not be hanging loose; keep a safe distance from the valve. Very importantly check if the cylinder is turned off.
  • Check your water storage containers. If they are filled up then empty them and clean the toilet cassette to be reused. Don’t forget to fill in the water storage area before you leave.
  • The caravan’ windows should be closed tightly and all the hinges and hooks should be working. The roof lights should be closed. Look into the internal cupboards and doors and see if they are safely secured. The external door lock and key should be examined necessarily.
  • Check and adjust the hitch height and make sure it is above the car’s towball.
  • Keep your car reversed to the caravan.
  • Next is the handbrake; check it and see if it’s working fine and put on the mode. Make sure to check the wheels and its nuts and bolts.
  • The jockey wheels should be lowered down and locked in place. The corner steadies should be raised. Make a check on the caravan’s noseweight.
  • Check the link of the car and caravan with the help of a jockey wheel and raise the car by an inch to ensure that it is well coupled. Then you can stow the jockey wheel.
  • Attach the breakaway cable tightly and the substitute can be secondary coupling.
  • The stabiliser system should be properly connected to the electrical plug; also check the elasticity as the cables should not be dragging as the car turns.
  • Check all the indicators; especially the road lights.
  • When you leave the campsite and pulled off the pitch area; come down once to check if anything is left behind.

Once you have reached your destination, you will have to check a number of things before you set out on other tasks, here are they –

  • Collect fresh water as much possible.
  • Connect the main power cable to the caravan and then connect it to the hook-up point, also check if the RCD is working properly
  • Turn on your internal refrigerator.
  • Position the waste water collector correctly.
  • Turn on the gas
  • Switch on the water heater only when you are sure that its fully filled with water

This checklist will help you to prevent a number of accidents and mis-happenings while you set onto your camping adventure. However, the basic point is being alert all the time; although you will be on a holiday keep your brain working to any danger signs.

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