Junket Tours – Luxury Entertainment or a New Trend?

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Recently, the so-called “junket tours” began to gain popularity among tourists. These are entertainment trips, which include visits to land-based casinos. Such services turned out to be especially relevant for countries where the gambling business is prohibited by law. Nowadays, many casinos offer visitors full board in exchange for daily gambling, and they call such clients “junkets”. It is not surprising that junket tourism, which is almost 70 years old, has now received a rebirth.

The Idea of Junket Tours

The founders of junket tourism were the predecessors of the best online baccarat sites – Las Vegas casinos that in the 1950s were looking for a new way to attract clients. Tourists began to be lured by inexpensive or completely free accommodation in hotels in exchange for guaranteed bets in their gambling houses. The idea started to spread worldwide thanks to religious and political prohibitions. So, Muslims cannot gamble in their motherland, so they fly abroad. The Chinese are forced to visit Macau – gambling is officially allowed on the territory of the country. 

How Are Junket Tours Held?

The casino provides the clients a combination of four services:  

  1. flight tickets; 
  2. accommodation; 
  3. meals;
  4. compulsory visit to the gambling establishment. 

The minimal cost for such a vacation is at least $5,000 for 3 nights. The indicated amount must be exchanged for chips and wagered during the stay. The high demand for such trips motivates more travel operators to offer junket tours to their clients. During the day, the client must spend 2 to 5 hours at the casino. For each game, certain betting limits apply and this is indicated in the contract. 

A large number of poker players take advantage of junket tours during poker tournaments. They are offered an all-inclusive service, so they can focus only on the game. Packages starting at $50,000 include additional services. The player gets a comfortable transfer to the hotel, free spa, city tours, and other entertainment activities.

The traveler is asked to make a deposit, which must be fully played at the casino. Each VIP client is assigned a personal manager, there are both single and group tours. If luck is on the side of the player, then before leaving, you can not only cover the costs but also return from vacation with profit. In the USA gambling tours are arranged with great chic and pathos. The player can be accompanied by representatives of gambling establishments on charters, so the service begins even before arriving at the casino. 

In Conclusion

Junket tourism is suitable for spontaneous adventurers. Gamblers can afford a luxurious vacation in any corner of the world at the casino’s expense. It doesn’t matter whether the gambler is winning or losing – at the end of the tour, he returns home with a new experience, and this cannot be compared to a banal beach vacation.

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