Jan 34 – Skiing in 2021: What the Alps Ski Season is Looking Like

In a usual year, we would be well and truly in the peak of the ski season. Of course, this season is far from usual.

Nobody has any answers for what the remainder of 2021 is going to bring, but the ski industry does hold out some hope. Through today’s post, we’ll take a look at what the Alps season is potentially going to look like.

It’s going to be a busy one

At least, when it comes to reservations. Whether or not we will be able to ski is very much up for debate, although most believe that there will be windows through the year where this is possible.

It’s this hope which is fueling a surge in bookings. Not only that, but a lot of package deals that were initially planned for last year, have now been shifted to 2021.

If you think that most people are holding off before booking, you’re set to be disappointed. Sure, the slopes are empty now, but there is a huge backlog and it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to wait until the last minute to grab your deal. Put simply, you’re not alone in these thoughts – hence, the immense demand.

…But it will generally attract the true ski enthusiasts

At the same time, the crowd may change. The après ski scene has a huge reputation, but 2021 is certainly going to throw a much tamer environment for many. Ultimately, those who basked in the more social side of skiing might decide to give this year a miss.

It means that you really need to choose a resort based on your skiing preferences and abilities. For example, if you’re a beginner, check out this map of La Thuile which is renowned for its blend of beginner and intermediate slopes. Try not to waste your time on resorts which are not suited to your ability, as this time you are unlikely to have the exciting après ski scene to fall back on.

The stations are adapting

Few would disagree that the ski industry is a high-tech one, but some things have been slow to change. For example, for years we have been used to waking up on day one and queuing around the offices for those first lift passes.

Well, it’s these frustrations which will slowly be ironed out. The ski industry is going towards a digital-first era, where everything can be pre-booked and contact is minimal. Sure, for anyone who has been to some of the more popular resorts, this might not be new. However, it’s slowly becoming industry standard.

The rise of self-catering

We’ve called it the rise, but as anyone who has been skiing will testify, this tends to be the norm across ski stations anyway. A self-catering apartment or chalet is nearly always the go-to accommodation, although this is likely to stretch to unparalleled levels through the course of 2021.

The outlook for restaurants is very much unknown. Some may unfortunately decide not to open again, while nobody knows how or when the legislation will change which will even permit them to do so. As such, expect the demand for self-catering accommodation to be even higher than normal.

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