It’s Time to Plan Your Summer Valencia Holiday

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Head to Spain’s east coast, and you’ll find the amazing city of Valencia. It is famed for having one of the best soccer teams in Europe, and it is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’re planning a summer break, Valencia is a must-see place.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what you can do in this remarkable city.

Valencia by Water

One way to get an overview of the city is by water. You can take a catamaran tour from Mundo Marino and enjoy the city’s sites while sipping some cool. This is just one of many Valencia water activities you can undertake. See the site for more information.

One thing you may want to consider is taking a sailing trip out on the Mediterranean Sea. It is quite remarkable to take an early morning sail and see the city looking calm and tranquil. A remarkable contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Saint Nicholas Church (San Nicolas)

Often called the Sistine Chapel of Valencia, this beautiful gothic church features baroque and ornate interiors and is a site of beauty. The intricacy of the carving is remarkable, and it is easy to spend considerable amounts of time taking in all that you can see.

Turia Park

In 1957 Valencia experienced a terrible flood when the Turia River’s banks breached. Sixty people lost their lives, and many homes were destroyed.

As such, the city decided to reroute the river around Valencia, preventing more flood driven tragedy. The result left a nine-kilometre space which was the original site of the Turia River. The space was turned into Turia Park and is another must-see place.

Many hire a bike to get around the park, and it offers great children’s activities, places to eat and several fascinating museums.

El Miguelete Tower (Torre del Micalet)

The El Miguelete Tower is part of the Santa Maria Cathedral and affords spectacular views across the city, at least once you’ve climbed the few hundred steps to reach the top.

The views bring the city into perspective as older and newer Valencia can be seen and merge together. You can also see the Mediterranean Sea and the disappearing horizon.

Exquisite Spanish Food

Valencia is home to some amazing Spanish food. Paella, in particular, is a speciality and many flock to Las Arenas beach where they enjoy wonderful dining with views of the ocean.

As well as Paella, the plazas offer some fantastic tapas and mouth-watering beer.

Albufera National Park

The park is an ecologically valued lagoon and home to some amazing wildlife. Taking a boat trip at sunset offers spectacular vistas, and you’ll take some fantastic photos as the sun disappears into the night.

Valencia is a city that requires several visits to see it all. Museums in the city are fantastic, and you’ll find ones that take a modern approach offering interactivity and education. The city is the perfect place for the old and the new, and you should discover it at your earliest opportunity.

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