Is Flying Business Class Worth It?

A little comfort goes a long way, and anyone who’s spent a flight attempting to get some rest, do some work or simply relax will agree; Especially those who have spent any length of time squashed against the fuselage by a man-spreading neighbour, pinned down in conversation by an overly friendly senior or spent the duration of the flight having the back of their chair used as a Marvel Universe battleground.

However, many regular flyers are put off the comforts of business class travel by the high prices. Instead having only time to envy the relative oasis of calm before continuing on into economy.

A Sliding Scale

One of the primary considerations when looking at whether to upgrade your flight to business class is: How long is the flight?

If it’s a relatively short journey, such as a domestic flight between cities or a hop from one country to another, then you probably won’t get the most bang for your buck. Let’s face it, on some short-haul flights the cabin crew are racing against time to serve drinks and collect refuse in the tiny window of cruising between take-off and landing!

However, if you’re journey’s stretching to a few hours or beyond, then it’s time to start considering the legroom, peace and champagne service. Exactly how long is, of course, a personal call to make and will depend on the overall cost of the flight balanced against what you can personally afford and the time to make the most of the amenities and experience. For us, anything over 5 hours starts to make business class look pretty appealing, purely on the basis that there will definitely be a meal involved and very likely the need for a nap. For others, 3 hours might be the tipping point or even 7 – You’ll need to make the call based on your wallet and available air miles.

Ultimately though, once that personal threshold has been reached, we feel that the extra space, comforts and overall experience are very much worth the cost. After all, how many times in life can you simply pay to escape stress?

Upgrade for Less

For the savvy traveller, carefully watching their money, there are a number of ways to make the step-up to business class more affordable. As for any other major purchase, there are expert services, like Business Class Experts, specialize in finding the most competitively-priced business class flights. A quick visit to a website can yield savings of between 30 to 50% and, when we’re talking about value versus time spent, that’s a substantial saving!

So, next time you’re considering a medium to long-haul flight, take a moment to check whether you can enjoy some relative luxury and arrive at your destination fresh, relaxed and energized. It’s especially worth considering the bump in luxury on a return flight, after all, who wants to take a vacation only to come home stressed?!

The question isn’t is it worth it, but when.

Victoria Brewood

Hi I'm Victoria, a British girl from Manchester. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time. I now call London home, although I still travel whenever I can. I hope to inspire you to be your own boss, live life and see the world.

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