iPhones: More Than Just a Phone

iPhones are an all-in-one tool that you can use for almost anything. Originally created as a means to stay in touch with family and friends, they now have so many uses that they are almost impossible to live without.

Protecting Your Livelihood

Because your iPhone is an intricate part of your daily life, protecting it is just as important as using it. Durable covers such as iPhone Xs casesprotect your device from scratches and dings to keep it looking like new if you accidentally drop it. Screen protectors are made of a thin clear film and go directly on top of the phone’s existing glass. They help prevent scratches, cracks and dust gathering. Plus, they don’t block any of the buttons or ports and do not affect your phone’s touch sensitivity. When it comes to security concerns, Apple provides regular updates and sends you a message to download the fix. This helps prevent malware from destroying your phone and reduces the risk of cyber crimes.

Social Media

Social media is a prominent part of people’s lives. With the iPhone, you can access your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts quickly and efficiently either by downloading the app or visiting the website on your browser. You can also use these sites to stay in touch with family friends, have private or group chats, and plan special events.


The iPhone makes it easy to plan your visit to new places. With GPS at your disposal, you can locate all the attractions nearby, determine which ones you want to visit and fit more fun into each day. You can also use your phone to take and edit wonderful pictures with crystal clarity using the many apps available on the Apple store. You can even apply filters on Apple’s own app and access different modes like panorama, square and zoom. For can’t miss moments, use your iPhone to take videos.

Full Entertainment Center

In addition to listening to your favorite tunes, you can download movies, sporting events, online games, access YouTube and search out radio stations from other states. This is ideal for when you are on vacation.

Shopping and Dining

The iPhone makes it easier than ever to shop for just about anything. You can clip and save coupons for local stores and then show your phone at the register, eliminating the need for physical coupons. You can also search out savings for your favorite restaurants and then present them at the door. Online access to stores makes it easy to shop for clothing and household items without leaving your home.

Monitor Your Home, Your Weight Goals and More

With your smartphone, you can download a ton of useful apps. If you have a security system in place, many companies have an app you can download to your phone that lets you monitor your home from virtually anywhere. There are apps for setting weight goals and then monitoring your process. The Memory app lets you save and store a collection of your favorite photos. The Apple Pay app lets you scan your bank and credit cards to your phone to pay at participating retailers, so you can keep your personal information tucked away.

The iPhone is a tool that offers seemingly endless uses. With more advances in technology on the horizon, the reliance on this device is not going away anytime soon and you’ll soon ask yourself if you aren’t already: what can’t I do on my phone?

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