Travel Bloggers Who Rock! Interview with Turner from Around the World in 80 Jobs

[box]Turner started Around the World in 80 Jobs in 2011 with the aim of finding his life’s purpose by attempting any meaningful job abroad he could find. He was sick of online bs marketing and companies with baseless job opportunities, little practical guidance from the typical colllege-career dogma engrained in the American culture, and seeks to inspire those who wish to follow their own path and dreams.I first met Turner at TBEX conference in Europe, and I am always entertained by his funny blog posts and no BS approach. If you want some laughs and to discover what kind of crazy-ass jobs you can do on the road, check out his blog Around the World in 80 Jobs, and follow him on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter @80worldjobs.[/box]

Turner Bar from Around the World in 80 Jobs Working at a Pizzeria in Rome

Turner Barr from Around the World in 80 Jobs working as a tequila hravesterTurner, when did you first start traveling and where did you go?

I first started in 2007, after graduating college, and I went on an all out South American adventure. It was pretty wild as I had been abroad quite a bit but never longer term and never by myself.

What triggered you to start doing all these quirky jobs?

A number of things. I really wanted to work abroad, but I found most of the resources available to be bullshit. So I started hustling to find jobs. But along the way, I started to doing more interesting jobs, as I had been on the road for about 5 years, and doing the normal tourist thing wasn’t as engaging as it once was. So once I did my first odd job as a Tequila Harvester overseas, I was hooked. It was so much more interesting of a way to experience a culture than simply passing through like a transient tourist.

Where did you get the idea to set up a travel blog? Did you know much about blogging when you started?

I actually had seen a few travel blogs online, but found most to be really boring. I didn’t care to hear about some guy’s whimsical walk through a meadow, how the church incense ensnarled his senses, or listen to him pontificate to me about why my life sucked and how I needed to buy his e-book for $9.95 so that I too could live the dream abroad and be a charming unique individual. I actually had paid more attention to other types of blogs outside of the travel blog warm circle jerk cuddle fest.

Playing the Turner from Around the World in 80 Jobs Playing the Krampus in Salzburg AustriaTell us about some of the jobs you have done so far, what is the weirdest one you have done?

Well – my favorite job thus far has been playing the Krampus in Austria. The krampus is basically a huge horned yeti/mountain beast that comes to the Alpine countries on December 5th to hit children with sticks who have been bad. I got lucky and one guy was sick in on of these Krampus troupes, so I got to ride through the Alps in a big toboggan, drinking beers in this yeti suit with 30 other guys who spoke no English. Pretty unique travel experience. Good times. I also really enjoyed working in a Christmas Market in Germany where I served, and drank, copious amounts of the holiday drink, Gluhwein. Getting paid to drink and be festive, was my kind of job. And recently, I was working on a reality tv show in Bangkok that involved tuk tuks racing about. All of these have been pretty interesting.

What jobs have you failed miserably at?

Ha what a loaded question. All of them. Well – any one that involves manual labor I am particularly bad at, so harvesting agave in Tequila Mexico was no easy task for a super white gringo such as myself. Also, working with elephants in Northern Thailand was also a great experience, but I am a dreadful volunteer. My ADD kicks in and watch out.

Turner working as gluhwein sommelierHow many have you done so far, and do you think you will reach 80?

I am on 19 at the moment. Yes I will make it. What kind of question is that. I will whore myself out in a brothel in Calcutta if I have too. Wait….did that.

Where are you right now?

Now I am residing in Bangkok Thailand, enduring the sweltering heat and trying my best to avoid the lady boys getting to handsy.

Turner working with elephantsWhat are your hopes for your travel blog and for the future?

Well I hope to keep it going strong and getting even better and more interesting jobs. I hope to grow it into a tv show or into a legit resource people can use to find interesting life experiences they can have. Maybe even dole out some good job information for those who wish to work overseas but are tired of all of the bs some of these online companies are slinging.

And finally, is there a job that you would absolutely LOVE to do?

I really want to work on a game reserve in Africa. Also in a wine region in the world at a winery (Argentina, South Africa, NZ, Australia). And of course, for my deep love of canines, I would love to be a musher in Alaska, Finland or some other country that rarely sees the light of day. Those would be at the top of my list.

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