Importance Of Travel Apps For Millennials And Students

With the development of the internet it is quite obvious that the way in which we conduct our lives has changed quite dramatically. What was considered impossible even a few decades ago, can now be done in the comfort of our homes. As the percent of millennials increases by the millions, there is also a need for more number of schools and colleges. This also requires investment infrastructure and facilities apart from hiring more number of teachers for catering to an increasing number of students. However, while doing so we need to find out what the millennials prefer as youths.

Today’s youth are tech and internet savvy and not all would like to visit colleges and high schools for their studies. They would also like to make use of internet technology to study from the comfort of their home without having to attend the brick and mortar schools. Further, they also would like to choose an industry which is in line with their passion and career objectives. There is no doubt that travel industry is becoming one of the most commonly used career paths for young students. They believe that it has a good career growth path and many also believe that they could become a vice president or some other senior corporate professional being in this industry. However, there is no doubt that along with brick and mortar work, the use of technology is also important as far as travel trends are concerned. We will look at the various apps which are now becoming necessary as far as students and millennials are concerned.

What Is The Role Of Travel Apps

There is no doubt that the success of travel and tourism industry over the past few years has been due to the role played by mobile apps or travel apps as is known by most of us. This certainly is a wonderful example of excellent partnership between the technology-based industry and tourism and travel industry. They have become popular because of the obvious advantages and benefits associated with them. Apart from helping the end users to save money, there are a few other things which need to be mentioned. The days of maps and printed matters are slowing getting over.

It Makes Life Easier

If you look at modern day travel trends you can be sure about a few things. When you have the right mobile app available at your fingertips it will go a long way in making travel convenient, hassle free and efficient. This is what targeting millennials are looking at. It helps them to get real-time information which they can access anywhere and at any time. Today travelers, young and old would like to go in for these apps because it goes a long way in helping them to make hotel room booking, rail booking and rail booking that much simpler and easier. That is the reason for the excellent growth of travel app users in the country. It is estimated that there should at least 150 million users of such mobile phones. A significant portion of them are those who belong to the millennials travel category.

It Increases The Business Opportunity

When travel companies use these travel apps they have a much better chance of improving their business prospects. They can make effective use of social media and other forms of digital marketing to further their business. These apps also take care of billing, invoicing and every other tool and other operations. It also helps in automation and increased speed and penetration because of the robust growth of wi-fi connections even in remote areas.

Automation, Security And Collaboration

When information is available instantaneously, you can expect people to find out what exactly they want instead of putting executives on the job. It also is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between the various stakeholders and you can get aligned to any transportation service provider including those involving, land, sea, air and rail travel. You can do so without resorting to breaking the bank because of an increase in overheads and expenditure. Finally, modern-day apps come with some of the most rigid safety and security standards. The information of customers is stored very carefully and there is almost zero chance of pilferage or misuse.

Examples Of Some Good Travel Apps

Now that we know the importance of mobile travel apps let us look at a few such apps in the market.

Google Trips: This is considered to be one of the popular travel apps which can come in very handy when it comes to organizing round trips and other such travel arrangements.

TWUlasso: This is basically an app that targets the millennials and the younger group of the society. It has a number of different features including holiday swap facility which ensures that the holidays booking and other such facilities can be swapped by customers should it meet their mutual convenience.

How To Travel And Study

While traveling you also would need to study quite a bit. When you are in a foreign country either as a student, you might need to take the help of online tools to study properly. There are many such tools like RapidEssay which could come in handy. They could help in writing your essays, your thesis and also ensure that your subject matter is proper in terms of grammar, sentence correction and overall lucidity when it comes to presentation.


At the end of the day, traveling making use of the various apps available in the market could certainly be a good idea. It will make your job of traveling good from start to end.

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