14 Sep I Love Las Vegas

Why I Love Las Vegas

Earlier this summer Three UK asked me to test out their Feel At Home service, which allows you to use your mobile phone abroad at no extra cost in 16 different countries.

When I looked at the list of countries the service is available in, I knew exactly where I needed to go- the USA.

More precisely, I needed you, Las Vegas.

A group of blogging friends were heading off to Vegas for 2 days and I knew it would be an amazing time. I met up with them last year in Vegas and it was epic, plus I knew I would suffer from a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out) if I didn’t go.

I’ve had a love affair with Las Vegas ever since my first visit back in 2012. I’ve been back numerous times and now it’s going to be an annual affair with these friends.

When people ask me what my favourite destination is anywhere in the world, Las Vegas is often one of the places I mention. It’s always hard to specify just one place, but Las Vegas is definitely close to the top of my list.

Now you might find yourself thinking:


“But there’s no culture there!”

“It’s just a giant tourist trap!”

“Isn’t it just hotels in the middle of the dessert?”

“I don’t really gamble, isn’t it all about the gambling?”

“Vegas is so overpriced”

Well let me try to explain…

I Love Las Vegas

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Vegas for me, is more than that. It’s the feeling I get when I’m walking back to my hotel at dawn, looking up at the neon lights. It’s the sound of the slot machines and people cashing their chips on the casino floor. It’s the temporary friends I make at the roulette table, or the craps table, or whatever game I’m playing. It’s the sense that anything can happen.

The thing is, I’ve always liked to party. I’m a ‘yes’ person. I like having fun and I like not knowing where the night is going to take me. When I’ve been working really hard and I just need a place to go and have as much fun as possible, Vegas is the place to go.

The View from the Sky

Plane Wing over Nevada Desert

Whenever I land in Las Vegas I’m always impressed by the incredible desert landscape. It’s jaw-dropping and what’s even more amazing, is seeing this little city pop up out of nowhere.

The Bright Lights of the Strip

Las Vegas Strip at Night

Las Vegas looks beautiful at night. Whenever I see all those twinkling lights on the Strip, for some reason it makes me feel really alive. I feel like Kevin MacCallister from Home Alone when he gazes up at the Christmas tree. It’s like a magical Disneyland for adults and I love it. There’s this energy I just can’t describe and The Strip is great for people watching. It’s always so full of life and so full of people who are in full-on vacation mode (for the most part).

There’s Something for Everyone

The Venetian Las Vegas

All sorts of people visit Las Vegas- families, businessmen, you name it. It may seem like Vegas is all about the gambling, but it really it’s not. There are all kinds of shows, restaurants, swimming pools and themed hotels with their own attractions. If you manage to escape the Vegas bubble there are even things to do off-strip like climbing Red Rock Canyon, driving muscle http://healthsavy.com/product/diclofenac/ cars, exploring the Hoover Dam or strolling through the Neon Boneyard.

If you’re in Las Vegas with people who have different interests, it’s great because you can say, “Im off to do X, I’ll see you back at the room this evening”.

The Day Parties

Wet Republic MGM Grand

I love Las Vegas by day. If you’re in town on the weekend you can go to the pool parties, which are loads of fun. The best for me are: Wet Republic at MGM Grand, Drai’s and Encore Beach Club. Imagine famous DJs and tons of people drinking in a pool on a glorious sunny day- you’ll soon get the picture.

The Night Time Parties

Drais Las Vegas

The problem is, if I go to the pool parties in the day, I don’t usually make it out at night. All that sunshine and alcohol= one sleepy Victoria. But the clubs in Vegas are brilliant and if you’ve got the cash to spend you can really go big and book a table or a cabana. This summer I went to Skrillex at XS and the Yacht party at Drai’s- both were out of this world.

The Food

Yellowtail at Bellagio, sushi restaurant Las Vegas

You can get every kind of food imaginable on The Strip and there are some incredible restaurants run by top chefs. I have a thing for sushi and Las Vegas has some great sushi restaurants.

Yellowtail at the Bellagio has to be my favourite of all time, but I’m also just as happy in Dennys at 6 in the morning! I also love the buffets- for about $20 you can sit down at an all-you-can-eat buffet that even includes crabs legs and oysters.

Hotels are cheap

Hotel Lobby Las Vegas

Hotel prices in Las Vegas are some of the cheapest I’ve seen in the world for the quality you get. You can get a huge room with two queen beds for about $50 per night. Why can they offer rooms this cheap? Because they make money on everything else- the gambling, the restaurants, the shows etc.

Vegas is full of ridiculous people

I’m a bit ridiculous. So I feel right at home with other, equally ridiculous people who are having fun!

Man Dressed as Showgirl

Stag Do Las Vegas

What I do know is Las Vegas is better with friends. It’s not a place to visit alone. Usually people are there with big groups of friends, so if you visit on your own it’s likely you’ll feel rather alone.

Vegas isn’t for everybody. Some people loathe visiting Las Vegas. I had always imagined it would suck for people who don’t drink or gamble. But this year Benny (aka the guy who speaks like a million languages) came along and he doesn’t drink, but he still seemed to have a great time.

The truth is, Vegas is what you make of it. All you need is some great friends and an open mind!

Las Vegas Group Photo

By the way, I thought the Three mobile roaming thing was amazeballs. I popped the Three Pay As You Go SIM card in my phone et voila, it worked just as it did at home. As soon as I got to Las Vegas I was able to upload all my #holidaybraggie pictures to Instagram with no trouble at all and at NO EXTRA COST! Yeah that’s right. No nasty data roaming fees and no need to switch to a local SIM while I was there.

Do you like Las Vegas? Love it or hate it, leave your comments below!





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