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14 Feb How to Take Perfect Travel Photos With Your New iPhone X

Just picked up an iPhone X? We’re happy you now have a phone capable of taking the best mobile shots anywhere in the world. This article will help you make the most of this industry-leading gadget’s camera on your travels, so let’s jump right in…

Get familiar with your camera app settings

Before hunting for subjects to shoot, it is important to learn about the different settings the iPhone X makes available in its camera app.

As you might expect, taking a standard photo is as easy as touching the shutter button, but if you press and hold the shutter, this enables burst mode, making it easier to capture a great shot of a moving subject.

Need to get in closer? Use the 1x or 2x buttons to activate the digital zoom. Don’t go too crazy, though – the more you magnify an image, the more its quality will degrade.

Choose your shooting mode

You could just use the default setup – but that wouldn’t be any fun, now would it? The iPhone X provides you with three different ways to frame the subject you want to capture.

Pano mode allows you to take wide shots horizontally or vertically, square mode creates a frame with equal proportions versus standard rectangular smartphone pics, and portrait mode focuses on a foreground subject while blurring the background.

Want to join a group photo you are shooting? Mount your phone, set the timer for 10 seconds, and quickly join the squad – just don’t forget to smile!

Add effects and filters

This is where the iPhone X really begins to shine, as the latest iteration has greatly improved this phone’s lighting effects. Available when you shoot in portrait mode, it allows you to shoot with studio, contour, stage, or natural light.

Want to give your shot added depth? Enable HDR mode, as this will take three shots of your subject in quick succession – one underexposed, one overexposed, and one in normal resolution. This often produces dramatic results, so give it a try when you are shooting that amazing beach sunset.

After your pic has been taken, add some post production edits to give it some flair. There are black & white, sepia, and other colour filters you can pick from, so get creative and give your picture that dramatic look which will allow it to go viral on Instagram.

Don’t forget to securely store your photos

It’s one thing to be able to take sweet iPhone X snaps on a consistent basis, but this won’t mean anything if they aren’t securely stored. An accidental series of keystrokes, swipes, or one damaged/stolen device is all it takes to lose your travel memories forever.

Fortunately, there are many photo sites where you can show off your shots; from Imgur to Instagram, there are plenty of options at your disposal – or try professional printing services if you are looking for physical pictures you can stick in a photo album.

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