How to Quickly Learn Everything about the Country You Are Visiting

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World MapIf you are the fast traveler, you sometimes have only a few hours, or days to see what is like to live in the country you are visiting. I love to stay for a little bit longer time, to experience the very best, but if you tend to rush through the world – that is no problem at all. Just read the following tips, which will guide you in to the better knowledge of the country you are visiting, and learn almost absolutely everything about it during very short period of time.

Get a Book about That Country

One of the best ways to learn about the country you are visiting is to read other people’s experiences while traveling there. It can be a great way to learn about the unbiased opinion about that country and also a good way to learn about the culture behind the advertisements of it. You can get such books at your local bookstores, retail stores, and in some big retailers too. For instance – Target also has a pretty wide range of books about traveling. Moreover, to get it much cheaper and keep yourself on a budget before the departure day, shop with Target deals and promo codes from It will definitely reduce the price of books and will let you learn about the country you are planning to visit easily.

Move Slowly

It might sound weird, but to learn about a country and a city the best, you should choose the slow pace during tours. You will see more if you stay at two or three spots in a city, than rush around it and just barely see some famous tourist attractions. Take a long and nice walk around, and meet the locals, see what is like to live there just by sitting near your breakfast table in a café. You can even just sit at a local park and start reading a good book – you will definitely learn about a country much more, by just absorbing everything around you.

Use Public Transportation

Another way to learn about the place you are visiting quickly is to travel through it by public transport. Either it is a train or a bus, you will travel with many different locals and can experience the local mentality and see some great view from the window seat. You can both absorb the environment around you, or can start to talk with the locals. Either way is better than traveling by taxi, or with travel agencies.

Visit Local Festivals or Events

Finally, by visiting local festivals or events, you can breathe the air of that country’s spirit through real celebration. Usually, festivals or other kinds of events are founded upon local religion, rituals, history, and/or agricultural cycles. People during it are out to enjoy themselves and embrace chances to meet someone new – maybe you! So, get into the crowd and experience real locals life.

Maybe you have some great tips how to experience the most during the short period of time visiting some countries? Share it with me and other readers!

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