How to plan your Christmas getaway with the family

It’s one of the few times in the calendar where the majority of the country are off from work, as they tuck into their Christmas festivities. This has also meant that the Christmas period has become a prime time for travel, as families take advantage of the fact that the kids are off school, and the adults are off work.

While it sounds picturesque in its raw form, travelling with the family around Christmas isn’t quite the same as during any other so-called normal period. There are a few more considerations to take into account and through today’s post, we will look at these in full detail.

Rule #1 – Avoid the crowds

As we have already alluded to, Christmas is now one of the peak travel times. Everyone is at work, and everyone is taking advantage of such free time.

As a family, running into these crowds is far from ideal. Not only do you encounter queues and general business, but it’s hardly the environment you want to immerse yourself in during a so-called period of relaxation.

As such, try and avoid the likes of London and other tourist hotspots. Instead, go for a quieter setting, with one example being Cambridge. This is somewhat commutable from London, yet is much quieter and has plenty of attractions of its own.

Have you booked yet?

While last minute deals used to be all the norm, around Christmas this sort of goes out of the window, with everyone vying to get away, booking early is one of the best things you can do.

Let’s not forget that this is school holiday season and as the media are quick to tell us, this is the time of the year where travel costs go soaring through the roof.

Beware of your travel arrangements

This next point will largely depend on where in the world you are based, but if we hone in on the UK, the whole travel system can go into disarray during the Christmas period.

Firstly, this is the period in the year in which holiday season also impacts the roads, with roadworks traditionally being more troublesome than usual.

However, with the weather being unpredictable to say the least, it can make driving conditions treacherous. This means that the added traffic to the roads can come to a complete standstill, meaning that travelling to your airport or destination of choice can take a ridiculous amount of time.

The advice? Budget your time strategically, and always allow plenty of leeway.

Your bag of essentials might look a little different

Finally, on a typical vacation, your essentials bag might contain everything from sunscreen to a swimsuit.

When it comes to festive travel, you might need to pack more practically. Again, if you reside in a particularly cold location, packing everything from blankets to shovels might be advisable – just in case you do run into any trouble on the roads as you bid to reach your destination.

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