How to plan a city break on a budget

A city break is the perfect way to experience a different culture, try new foods, see new things and smell new scents. If you plan it right, you can do it over a weekend without the need to take more than a day off work. City breaks are also great because they’re usually not too pricey, and with limited vacation allowance it means you can get lots of little trips over the year, seeing lots of different places. If you’d like to plan a city break on a budget, here are a few things to keep in mind.

You need to be super flexible

When looking for budget flights and hotels, you need to be able to be flexible about the weekend you’re going. This often means planning way in advance, avoiding public holidays and especially not looking while kids are on their summer breaks, as it’s sure to be a lot more expensive then.

Go to the forgotten places

There are the trendy places such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles but they’re going to be more expensive than the less popular city breaks that will still give you an amazing time. For example, Austin, Texas in renowned for being the most mellow city in America, and it’s a whole new way of life out there to experience. So, pack your cowboy boots and find your chill.

Book breakfast only

Don’t fall into the trap of all-inclusive when you’re planning a city break. Save money by just booking the room, leaving the rest of the food for the city to provide. It will mean you get to try a whole host of different restaurants, meet new people and try the local cuisine.

Explore on foot

Many cities are equipped with trams and subways so don’t fall into the Uber hole and spend a fortune getting yourself from A to B. Download the Yelp app that tells you about local places as well as directing you straight to the front door. Or, just use your feet for public transport whenever possible.

Always look for discounts

Before you plan your city break, look for discounted ticket sales online for local shows and events that you could go to. There’s usually plenty of entertainment options, and if you trawl the internet, you’re likely to bag yourself a great deal.

Remember these tips when you’re next booking your city break on a budget. You’ll be amazed how far you can stretch your money if you’re careful with it!

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Victoria Brewood

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  • Zascha
    Posted at 03:09h, 10 August Reply

    Excellent recommendations! Especially the flexibility you have to have. I’d love to travel to LA or Las Vegas but when you’re on a budget sometimes it’s better to lay low whilst still discovering amazing places.

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