How to organize a perfect trip using web scraping

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It is that time of the year again – when pandemic restrictions are being lifted and you can finally do the unthinkable – travel abroad. Provided you’re cautious and protected from the virus with the power of science. Traveling has always been a luxury not because of how much it might cost but because of how much it can bring into our lives. An escapade like this doesn’t have to be complicated, but the organization part has plenty of potential to drive people up the wall, especially if you’re not traveling solo but dealing with a group of friends or family. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics after a year of being practically closed off. So, let’s get to it!

Destination – wanderlust

First things first – pick your destination. Go through your old notes, archived blog posts and saved Pinterest pins – where is your mind drawn towards? Think of memorable friends’ recommendations, postponed family visits or that one travel vlog that just gets your way of traveling. Or maybe you don’t need all of that visual eye-candy inspiration as you’ve been daydreaming of that big ride through South-East Asia ever since last Christmas. 

Consider the mode and character of your trip as well: active march through the mountains, art/food tour and architecture exploration or just a bit of quiet time on the beach with a book? It could be all three if you know how to plan your time and pick out your options well. This is where Apify scrapers can sort things out.

Whether the weather be fine

Second – the weather. It might seem like a negligible thing, but weather conditions can very well define the direction your trip might be taking. It’s good to monitor not only for low/high degrees, but also humidity/dryness, wind strength and atmospheric pressure, especially if you’re going to another continent with a 180 climate, quite literally. Some elevated places such as La Paz in Bolivia have as many as 3 different forecasts, one for each time of the day. So watch out for those degrees because they will dictate things like activities, choice of clothes’ layers, transportation and how strong your sunscreen protection should be. It’s easy to monitor weather with our API so you can pick the best season and be prepared, come rain or shine.

Eight Miles High

We’re halfway through – time to pick your flight. With frequent flight cancellations and obnoxious prices hopefully becoming a thing of the past pandemic, flying has become exciting again. People who would complain at the slightest airport inconvenience just 2 years ago, now take plane window pictures again and diligently listen to the plane staff instructions. Some even clap at the landing – please don’t do that, let’s leave that one in 2020.

Now that the borders are partially open, we have a choice of air travel again and step in to save the airlines from bankruptcy. One of our travel APIs is very good at scanning low cost airlines like Ryanair for the best deals based on selected parameters. It will automatically monitor, detect and extract flight details for you such as prices, availability, and various passenger options. This comes especially handy if you’re not traveling solo and looking out for the best deal for the whole group. Whether you’re going for a round trip or have indefinite adventure plans involving a one-way ticket, an unwritten novel and a life to restart, with this scraper you can scan the web for the best timing/price options and plan your trip accordingly. 

Find accommodation that speaks to your needs

The hotel industry didn’t have the best year either. They must be pretty excited to be able to greet customers again and we should enjoy this opportunity as well. When choosing a hotel, some people prioritize the quality of service, others prefer location, status or spa availability. If you’re lost at the variety of filters, then go through hotel reviews with our Booking scraper. It will search through check-in, check-out days, find the right price range with the correct currency, type of lodging and even adult/children room configurations. The search results will be nearly wrapped into a document of the format you prefer, ready to back up your decisions. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a different, some say more authentic experience for your stay, then you might opt for our Airbnb scraper, which will check the coziest and most characteristic places to spend your vacation days at. It’ll narrow down the choice according to your requirements and find your perfect villa for 6 people with a pool and seaside nearby in a split second. Renting local housing may give your trip a whole different direction: shopping at markets, cooking with local ingredients and hanging out with locals more often. Now that the accommodation question is crossed out of your list, you can get prepared to catch some rays.

There’s a lot on your plate

Now that you’re at your desired destination, perhaps jumping on your hotel bed, there’s a lot on your plate, quite literally. Your trip doesn’t have to turn into a food tour but picking the right places to eat at can make or break your experience, provided you haven’t temporarily lost your senses last year. 

Restaurant choices can get overwhelming as a lot of people struggle to answer what they want for dinner every single evening. Food abroad can get 10x more exciting and  therefore, increasing the paradox of choice frustration. And frustration is what you need the least at your vacation, although they do happen to rhyme quite well. We’ve made a Tripadvisor scraper that will scan recommendations for the best restaurants in town. It will help you manage your booking choices, food categories and let you skim through reviews, making it a duck soup task.

Ordinary things turn into unordinary abroad; besides, we all just might need that change of environment and get away from it all. Hopefully, our travel scrapers will help you to deal with the nitty-gritty choices of organizing so you can enjoy the best parts of your vacation freely. 

It is still worth it to be very cautious with this endeavour, as pandemic numbers might be just snoozing, but they’re never really asleep. It’s good to stay on the lookout and be responsible towards ourselves and others. And remember: you don’t have to travel half the globe to discover something new in the world and yourself. 

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