How to Move to Alaska On A Budget

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When you visited Alaska, it took your breath away. You found the experience so thrilling you decided to move there. And why not? It’s a beautiful part of the country with a different way of life. You get the benefits of staying in the US with added bonus of experiencing a brand-new culture.

Moving is always a challenge, and moving to such a remote part of the country poses some additional difficulties. It’s going to take more than loading your car and heading out. In fact, you might even have to consider getting professional car shipping services.

Here are more tips to make your move to Alaska easier and cheaper.

Plan ahead

The best way to save money moving to Alaska is to prepare beforehand. If possible, create a moving nest egg to cover your moving and living expenses. Most of your relocation is going to happen by boat or by plane, so it’s essential to make a detailed plan of action.

Communicate with locals and read travel blogs dedicated to Alaska before heading up there permanently. Don’t forget the cost of living is likely higher than where you currently are living, so be prepared financially for higher bills and more expenses for food and utilities.

You also want to prep for the weather by stocking up on winter clothes. Visit your local department store and get winter coats, sweaters, and even thermal underwear. These might be more expensive in Alaska.

You might also want to buy furniture before you get to Alaska. Though the state has its furniture stores, inventory may be limited and your choices are likely to be expensive. Remember, it’s harder to travel and ship items in Alaska, so make sure you set up as much as possible before your move. 

Book Early

Booking early can be the key to getting the best deals on airfare, car shipping, and other relocation services. Most companies offer better discounts the earlier you book, so as soon as you know you’ll be moving to Alaska, start checking the rates offered by these different companies.

Again, there are many parts of Alaska inaccessible by road, so you’re likely going to arrive by plane or boat. Booking these arrangements as early as possible is the key to getting the cheapest fare.

Not only does this go for humans traveling but also your belongings. Shipping your car and moving your personal effects will also be cheaper the earlier you book. Some factors, such as the weather, may significantly impact how fast your belongings get to you. Booking early is the best way to save you the hassle and expense of waiting until the last minute. 

Get Professional Help

It takes a lot to move across the country. Professionals can make the process easier and more efficient than tackling it on your own. Professional packers will have your stuff packed up in no time. Again, you can do this yourself, but hiring a company makes it that much easier, and if time is money, you need all the time you can get.

You may find it difficult to find your way around Alaska, so it’s best to hire professional movers who know the area well. Parts of Alaska are inaccessible by road, so check how your goods are getting from point A to point B. There may be additional charges for air or sea fare, so make sure you ask your mover about these details.

Finally, professional cleaners will help you get your old or new house clean and ready. The benefit to professional cleaners who do this all the time is they are less likely to forget something important. After decluttering and packing, you probably have more important things on your mind than cobwebs.

Make sure you book all these professional companies with as much notice as possible to lock in their best deals. 

Downsize and Declutter

You don’t want to take a lot of junk with you to Alaska, so decluttering is the first place to start. Downsizing and decluttering can also earn you some extra money if you sell your unwanted and unneeded appliances, toys, and kitchenware. Donate any unused food or unsold items to clear out your space.

By downsizing, you can save money on moving your belongings to Alaska. You can do the decluttering yourself or hire professional organizers to help you go through all your things.

Schedule Car Shipping Well Ahead of Time

The earlier you book a car shipping company, the better your deal will be. Other factors to consider when booking:

  • Time of year
  • Distance
  • Fuel costs 

Remember, you may not be able to drive to your new home, and even if you can, you must traverse a whole other country to do it. Driving to your new Alaskan home may prove to be far more trouble than it’s worth.

You never know what could happen on the road. There are normal road hazards and traffic tie-ups, and you never know when you’re going to have anything from a flat tire to a full breakdown. You don’t want to be in an unfamiliar area if that happens.

The Bottom Line

Planning and executing your Alaska moving plan will be better, easier, and cheaper the sooner you get it done. Moving to Alaska should be a fun, enjoyable experience and a great adventure. The more professional help you can get, the better that journey will be. Get ready to enjoy your new Alaskan home.

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