how to make friends with pal app

How to make friends with Pal App

I often feel like it’s assumed that everybody has friends and that we all have people to do things with. But what we as a society don’t often talk about is how difficult it can be to make friends sometimes, especially in a new city.

With everyone having such busy lives these days I sometimes find that my existing friends have plans, or perhaps they get a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and suddenly they’d rather be snuggled up on the sofa with their beloved than out at a bar with the singletons. London, especially, is hard. It’s a big city, where saying “hello” to someone on the tube would make the other person probably think you’re mentally unhinged. Lots of people go out after work with their colleagues but if you work from home like me, that’s not an option. And when you do go out people tend to stick to their groups.

I often travel solo, not always out of choice, but sometimes because my friends just can’t fit with my schedule. I work from home; they work 9 to 5 and have to get time off. And I often think; “wouldn’t it be cool if I could just find someone who wants to come with me?”

Well the brilliant thing about the world of technology is that there’s an app for everything now, including finding friends.

Pal App

Pal app - apps for making friends

Pal App is an app that allows you to see what other people are doing and join them. If you can’t find an activity, you can create your own and let other people join you.

If your current friends are too busy or you’re feeling bored, you can search for people around you to go for a drink with or perhaps go running together.

It’s a brilliant idea and would be perfect for travelling – I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve visited a new city and would have loved to have had someone to explore with instead of sightseeing on my own!

I signed up for an account to check it out – the app lets you choose your interests by category, such as holidays, drinks, food, outdoors, sightseeing etc. You can create a couple or group with other Pal members and you can search for other individuals, couples or groups in your surroundings.

The app has just launched so there are just a few activities listed on there when I checked, but I expect this will grow as the app takes off. For example, one person listed an event suggesting a visit to a Christmas market, while another had suggested a baby class. I guess this could be great for new Mums who are at home all day and need other mums to hang out with.

All in all, it’s a clever idea and a great way to connect with new people. You can learn more about Pal App and download it here:

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