How To Get Seriously Cheap Flights

When you’re booking a flight, one thing you must do is shop around, do your research and make sure you get the cheapest airfare you can. Here are some tips on how to get cheap flights:

Get an International Youth Traveller Card

If you’re under the age of 26, you qualify for an International Youth Traveller Card (IYTC) or an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)- these get you discounts on flights. I bought one for £9 with STA because I’m only 22, emailed them a scan of my passport and they sent it to me in the post about two days later. I discovered I could get flights a whole lot cheaper- £250 direct to LA on Virgin for example. I booked my flight on Etihad with my IYTC card and got a cheap flight to Indonesia for £400!! Not bad.

Book in advance

It used to be that you could get amazing last minute deals but things are changing these days- book in advance and you’re bound to find a cheap flight. For cheap flights you can use our partner portal or use their app to check and compare prices online.

Compare airlines

I use sites like Skyscanner to show me the cheapest flights available. You can search by specific dates or search for an entire month to help you find the best dates to fly. Two other good flight search engines are Momondo and Kayak.

Book online directly from the airline company

I don’t book my flights in high street shops because they’ll be taking commission from you. I book my flights directly from the airline- it’s cheaper.

Sign up for air miles

So many people I meet don’t bother signing up for air miles or don’t know how it works. It’s pretty simple. Before you book your flights, sign up on the airline website for their frequent flyer program. It’s free, and once you’re signed up and you fly with them, you’ll receive free air miles based on how many miles you flew with them. You can then swap these miles for rewards, like electronics and household items, or purchase flights with them. Flown in the last 6 months but didn’t sign up for their frequent flyer program? You can still claim them back- most airlines will let you claim the air miles you’ve flown within 6 months of your flight, so just sign up and claim! Don’t think you fly enough? I didn’t think so either, but when I flew Manchester to Australia return on Etihad, that was a hell of a lot of air miles.

If you’re in Europe fly low cost airlines

Europe is home to the cheapest airlines,, Ryanair, Monarch and Easyjet.  They often have flights for as little as 99p! Look out for their sales because often you will find they pay for the airport taxes for you! If you’re flying a low cost airline try to do online check in and take as fewer bags as you can, as those are the things they charge you for. To check in a bag and to do airport check in can cost you around £20! The low cost airlines have started taking frequent flyers too, so get with their program! I also just discovered that if you miss your flight with easyjet and turn up within 2 hours of your flights scheduled time, for a flat fee of £38 they’ll get you on the next flight!

Be prepared to be flexible

Be flexible with your dates, and perhaps look at flying from an airport that’s not so close to you- weigh up the options, if it’s cheaper to get the train to a further airport and fly from there, then do it. The same goes for your destination airport, try flying to a different airport and getting public transport to where you want to go. Try not to fly at popular times of the day or around school holidays, but most of all just compare prices for different days and times.

If you’re in New Zealand

I found a great site called Grab A Seat which has rediculously cheap flights that appear daily- they sell out in a flash so you have to grab them quick!

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