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20 Apr How to Fit Everything into a Hand Luggage Case

If you want to save yourself a lot of money, time and hassle, packing everything you need into a hand luggage case is definitely the way to go. The fact that you only have a small bag or backpack with you makes it easier to get on and off of buses and trains.

Usually, travelling with a lightweight case also means that you can avoid all luggage fees, which gives you more spending money. In addition, you do not have to waste time hanging around the back of a coach, or an airport luggage carousel, waiting for your case. Travelling is far less stressful when you can skip all of that pushing and shoving.

OK, so now you know why travelling light makes sense. Now, I am going to quickly explain how to do it.

Buy the right case

The first step is to buy the right size case or backpack. Usually, the best approach is to check out the hand luggage allowances of the major airlines that operate in the area you are travelling. The fact that most coach and train companies have more generous allowances than the airlines do means that you can normally travel without paying any fees on all modes of transport.

Make a list

Next, you need to make a packing list. I know this sounds like a bore, but I promise you it is important, especially the first time you travel with hand luggage. It really is the best way to make sure you do not forget anything.

Pack clothes that you can use more than once

When putting together your list you need to look for ways to minimise the number of items you take. If you plan to spend some time on the beach, it makes sense to pack the type of beachwear that can also be worn in the evening. For example, instead of packing a sarong choose a lightweight dress, like the ones you can buy here. You will still be able to cover up if it gets breezy on the beach, and can also wear that dress for sightseeing and night`s out.

Pack lightweight clothing

Most of the clothes you back should be soft and lightweight. This allows you to roll each item up rather than fold them, which will enable you to fit more into your case.

Fill the space

When you do not have a lot of room, it is important to fill every single inch of space. Little tricks like stuffing your shoes with underwear, and feeding your socks into little gaps make a huge difference to how much you can get into your bag.

Do a dry run

Packing light takes practice, but each time you pack it gets easier. If you have never packed this way before, it is always worth having a practice run a few days before you are due to travel. Over time, you will develop your own system, and soon packing everything into a case will become second nature.

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