How to Find a Good Wedding Band in the UK

Wedding band often crossed the minds of the bride and groom in choosing a Wedding Band / Wedding because there are differences in tastes between you and your partner. Sometimes our desires are also hit by the budget, while we are only presented with a few choices. For that try to find other alternatives that might save your budget with quality that is not inferior to those offered, of course this requires a little time.

1. Concept of Event

In choosing a band, of course you should look at the overall concept of the event and see its needs. Because now there are many choices of music concepts both Acoustic, Full Band, Chambers, Mini Orchestra and Single Organ. Don’t forget to adjust it to our reception area.

2. Event Venue

Note the location of your wedding reception. Size, width and height of the room, is there a room divider, a wall that has soundproofing and don’t forget whether the floor is covered with carpet not. Because every venue is certainly different in setting up a sound system so that the appearance of a wedding band can be maximized. Especially for outdoor venues. All these things have to be discussed with an event planner like Engog uk.

3. Needs in the Event Room

If you hold a wedding reception in a big hall you should choose the concept of full band so that the music produced can be maximized, but the concept of Semi Band can also be used to save budget, because now the band tool is also more modern by using electricity and the sound produced also feel the same as the original instrument, for example electric drum.

For medium capacity buildings, you can choose the concept of acoustics / chambers, in addition to soft music produced is also not too tight because the needs of the sound used is not too much. Not wrong also you use this format when the reception was held in restaurants, cafes.

4. Budget

As in the beginning of my discussion earlier, the budget became one of the important considerations. Therefore, spend a little of your time looking for Wedding Entertainment that provides a variety of concepts at prices that fit your budget. Don’t just stick to the choices. You can use the excess budget for other needs to increase your honeymoon time with your partner.

5. Entertainment Service Providers

Make sure you choose a wedding entertainment provider that is professional, timely and has been involved in many events. Time and preparation are important in an appearance. Also make sure that the service provider is easy to contact.

Before choosing it as an entertainment at your party, the mandatory thing you must do is check their portfolio first. You can check through the videos that have been uploaded or even ask them to appear directly in front of you. That becomes the thing that will help you. Yes, instead of later on the day you are disappointed with their appearance, so you should just get tested!

6. Don’t limit yourself to one type of music

In the past people might prefer music groups that match the theme of the party. But now the theme of wedding music is more towards fun. You might want entertainment that can bring a variety of music and not just songs that are popular on the radio. And of course, good entertainment is one that is able to adjust concepts and predict what guests want to hear and adjust to their moods. They could have brought jazz to accompany dinner and classic rock when it was time to dance.

7. Choose quality over quantity

If your budget is limited, choose a minimalist band, with a maximum of 4 people. They also should be able to play various musical instruments while singing.

Regarding the number of songs to be sung, it also needs to be discussed. That way you can calculate the duration of the party and the number of songs will be right or not. In addition, you also need to make sure how many types of songs they can play. If there are already talks and agreements on it, then on your happy day there will be no need for you to worry about anything.

8. Choose a band that has management

Choosing a freelance band does not always lead you into trouble, but you will get more guarantees when the band is registered with one management. Because, signing a contract directly with the band is not a guarantee. They can write anything on the contract, but if the drummer is suddenly unable to attend, then you have no luck. While choosing who has management allows them to immediately find a replacement for you.

9. Read the contract carefully

It’s not unusual for a band to learn a new song or not to rest. And, parties outside the city will certainly be more expensive, because there are additional costs for flights, hotels, and equipment rentals. Entertainment may also charge additional fees if they have to cancel their previous program.

Agreement on musical instruments, aka sound systems, is also something that needs to be discussed together. You and their side must clearly and openly discuss it. It is very useful so that there is no difference in understanding between you. Do not later when the day comes, you think they come complete with musical instruments, but apparently, they come empty-handed, and vice versa. If later it is like that, it will become a problem later.

The matter of costume or their appearance must also be a material for chat. You have to ask well what clothes they will wear. Hopefully they can look similar to the theme you have. Because you do not want it right if they suddenly come with makeshift shirts and jeans. Yes, if that is the concept that you are stretching on it doesn’t matter. But, if it’s different, what will it be, so don’t be shy.

10. Use the same musician with different band compositions

One of the band’s personnel can play the guitar at dinner, then sing at the end of the event. Or you can pair a saxophone player with just a pianist to perform a jazz duo during a dance event. Not only will this save money, this also means fewer vendors will be involved.

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