How to Embed Vine Videos into Your Blog Posts

If you haven’t heard of Vine yet, this app is about to get BIG. So if you’re a travel blogger trying to keep on top of the social media game, I suggest you check this one out.

Basically it’s kind of like Instagram, but for video.

The time limit for your Vine is 6 seconds. You point your phone at something you would like to video, then hold your finger down on the screen. You can then remove your finger and point your phone at something else and so on, until the progress bar shows you have filled 6 seconds. You can then add a caption and instantly publish it your Vine feed, Twitter and Facebook.

Why’s it so good you may ask? Because it allows you to make quick, concise videos that capture way more than an image can. And the best part about it is you don’t need any editing skills, and you don’t have to spend time uploading to Youtube!

This is a great app for me because I can add it to my blog posts to illustrate my experiences in more detail. In the Vine app the videos are muted so you don’t hear sound, but if I embed them into my blog, the user has the option to unmute it. The videos are also saved to your iPhone’s camera roll should you want to do something else with them.

How do I embed a Vine video into my blog post?

Simple. First you hit the little¬†“…” icon under the Vine video you want to share.

Vine App

It will give you 3 options…”Delete Post”, “Report this Post” and “Share this Post”.

Vine App Share Post

If you tap “Share this Post” there are another 3 options “Twitter”, “Facebook” and “Embed”

Vine Embed in Blog Post

Tap “Embed” and it will create an email with a link to send to yourself. Fill in your own email address and send the email.

Now, check your email and follow the link. It will send you to a page that looks like this:

Vine Embed Post

Underneath there is an embed code which you can copy and paste into the HTML editor when creating your blog post.

Currently the Vine app is only available for iPhone users, so all you Android folks will have to wait a little bit longer to join. 

I think this app still has a long way to go though and I’m sure there will be some adjustments.

The main problem I have with Vine is that you don’t have to have a unique username with no spaces like instagram or Twitter, and you don’t get your own Vine URL…yet. When I signed up I created an account by connecting through Twitter, and it created my name as “Victoria Brewood”.

With instagram and Twitter you get a username, in my case @pommietravels, but your profile can have your real name ie “Victoria Brewood”. With Vine you seem to have just one name, which you can change at any time. So while it is “Victoria Brewood” right now, I might change to “Pommie Travels” soon so I am consistent across networks.

Anyway, for the moment you can follow me by searching for “Victoria Brewood” using the app!

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  1. Pommie~

    Thank you for such a wonderful recommendation! Connecting with your your web fan base is vital for bloggers, especially newbie travel bloggers like myself. Using Vine is a definite in my book!

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