How to Ease Your Mind as Your Teen Studies Abroad

Studying abroad gives teens and young adults a wonderful experience they otherwise wouldn’t have remaining in their own towns or even just another state. Getting to study in another country teaches students about other cultures and gives them new experiences that can help shape their lives. Just because the experience is great, however, does not mean parents don’t worry. Moms and dads left at home while their teens are off in a faraway place can have a lot of fear of what could happen. With some ways to ease their mind, any parents struggling with a teen living in another place can have some of their fears lessened.

Locate Nearby Money Transfer Locations

Parents may need to send money to their studying students located far away. Sending money through the mail isn’t the best idea, so finding a money transfer location is the best thing in this instance. Knowing where all the nearby money transfer locations are found in the teenager’s living area can help ease a parent’s mind since they’ll know exactly how to send funds easily. This is especially helpful in emergency situations when the young adult runs out of cash or loses their wallet. Transfer money from a location in the U.S. to one in another country. It’s even possible to track transfers to ensure they’ve made their way safely.

Set Up an International Phone Plan

If someone heads off to another country without ever thinking about their phone plan, chances are they’ll find they won’t be able to place or receive calls. Most cell phone carriers do not allow international calls to be made unless the customer pays a higher price for that specific type of plan. Before a teenager leaves to study abroad, their parents should be sure an international phone plan is set up for them and their child so both parties can reach each other at any time. Prepping a phone for international travel could even mean changing out a SIM card and canceling the current phone plan so the owner can find a local cell service once they’ve arrived. It may be less expensive if they plan on staying there long-term.

Help Them Find an Expat Community

Some teens head out to study abroad on their own without anyone else around. Even when they go with others, it’s never certain that they’ll be staying together. It’s important to help your son or daughter find an expat community of others in the area who are also living away from their home country. The group can then see sights together and meet up to ensure each person is not left alone. This may help parents feel better about where their kids are since they know there are others around who speak their same language and can help them out in case of an emergency situation. Start by searching Facebook for groups or looking online to see what’s available in the area and help your student connect with others.

Having a teenager in another country can be incredibly nerve-wracking for parents. However, with a few tips for easing a parent’s mind, any mom or dad with a teen living elsewhere can feel much more comfortable with the idea. Knowing how to send money, having a way to call at any time, and finding an expat community for them to find friends in their area are all ways to lessen the feeling of being helpless when your grown-up children are away.

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