How To Choose The Right Hotel For Your Holiday?

When going on holiday, regardless of the chosen country, you always want to feel at home. Therefore, each of us aims to choose the best hotel for ourselves, certainly referring to our finances. But there are also those who do not even think about the fact that the key to a good rest is the right choice of hotel. The place where you decided to stay will leave a bright or opposite imprint in your memories of rest. It is the comfort in the rooms, quality service and pleasant staff will make your stay unforgettable.

We offer to your attention several criteria that will help you choose a decent hotel at affordable prices.

Expectations from the hotel

To begin with, you must determine what conditions and services you need for a pleasant and carefree vacation. On this basis, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable hotel.

If you have children and you go on a trip with them, you should check in advance at the hotel, whether there are babysitting services, children’s pool, entertainment and animation programs, playground or other needs for your children.

When choosing a hotel, pay attention to the location of the main attractions. If you are a lover of active recreation and are not indifferent to excursions, you should choose a hotel near cultural sites and monuments.

Therefore, the category of hotel in this case will not be so important, because you will spend most of your time traveling around the city, and you will need a hotel room only for the night.

Please note that each country has its own peculiarities. This can be seen in the services provided by hotels. For example, Spain and Italy do not provide additional services in hotels, and beach recreation is very popular here.


To choose a suitable resort, you should find out in advance about who the chosen destination is for: youth or elderly people, for families with children or for lovers of outdoor activities.

You should also take into account the infrastructure of the resort, because most tourists come to rest to recover and enjoy the rest in full. It is also important to ask in advance about prices for meals in cafes and local restaurants.

Cost of living

It is important to discuss in advance which budget you plan to invest and how much you are willing to spend on housing. There are often hotels of different categories, but the prices are practically the same. The difference is in the cost of additional services, which are provided by the hotel.

When choosing a hotel, it is desirable to read all reviews and descriptions of the hotel. This reliable information will really help you choose a cozy room for a reasonable price.

Classification of the hotel

The “star” hotel classification system has gained great popularity. The number of stars indicates the quality of service and comfort level in the hotel. The general rule is that the more stars, the more prestigious the hotel is.

The hotel, which has one star, does not provide a bathroom in the room, TV and other additional services. Rooms in the hotel are of the same type and have a small area. Meals are not included in the accommodation price.

The presence of two stars provides guests with a bath, shower and toilet in the room. Also do not worry about meals in the morning, because you will be offered breakfast.

The three-star hotel provides rooms with a bathroom and all necessary personal hygiene products. Rooms have a telephone, TV, and refrigerator. Category 3* hotels offer residents several additional services. This may be a hairdresser’s or massage service, a trip to the gym or swimming pool, as well as a conference room or business center for guests to use.

Four stars show that service and comfort level in the hotel is above average. The rooms have a safe, hair dryer and conditioner. The hotel has a bar and a 24/7 restaurant. Laundry facilities, business center, and currency exchange office are at the guests’ disposal. A fitness center with a swimming pool and sauna is a must for guests.

The presence of five stars shows that this hotel is the best among others and has a proud title – luxury hotel. Here you will find high quality service and impeccable service.

Usually, such hotels provide meals on a system of “ultra all-inclusive”, where you will be pleasantly surprised with exquisite dishes and drinks for every taste. Room service – round the clock, if desired you will bring breakfast and dinner in your room.

Among the entertainments there are a lot of exclusive ones, for example: diving, surfing, parachute jumping and other no less interesting entertainments.

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