How to book your Economic Holiday House with BluePillow

The best known accommodation, which was created specifically for tourism is the holiday home. The extra-hotel accommodation facilities are private properties, such as houses, villas, apartments or fully furnished rooms rented to tourists by individuals or professionals. 

Initially they were simple economic structures for the holidays, but today the offers are very extensive and diversified starting from the studio, the villa and the structures with special characteristics, consequently also the services offered and the costs of these types of accommodation have changed.

Accommodation for Friends, Families and Business Travelers 

Business and leisure travelers differ according to their wishes and needs. For a business traveler, for example, location, services and internet connection are the most important things. With the growing spread of the shared economy and the constantly improving quality of service, business travelers now have a wider range of choice than just regular, traditional hotel stays.

So why should I book an Economic Holiday House with BluePillow? Well, Travelling with family and friends allows you to have your own personal space and enjoy your holidays without having to spend too much money.

Get more from the Local Culture with a Holiday House

Holiday Houses with BluePillow allow travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture more than when you choose to stay in a hotel. First of all, in one of these apartments there is a contact with the host who often offers advice on what to visit or how to get around the city. In other cases, there is even a coexistence with the owner, with whom the cultural exchange is much deeper.

Despite the services that hotels offer, they do not have that extra authenticity like a Holiday House with BluePillow that more and more travelers are looking for when planning their holidays. With Holiday Houses you can experience a city or a destination as we imagine it in our dreams.

Do you like to cook? A Holiday House with BluePillow  offers you the opportunity to cook with your friends using the ingredients you bought at local markets and maybe even invite your friends directly to the holiday home.

You want to feel like you’re at home? Well, with a Holiday House you can carve out all the private spaces you need to recharge your batteries while enjoying all the wonders that these places offer.

Share your Holiday House with your Friends

Do you love to travel with your friends? In this case, an apartment is the best option. You can use the common areas with sofas, tables and chairs and at the same time you have plenty of space and privacy. There is no doubt that an apartment offers more comfort and space than a hotel.

The Best Way to spend your Money 

When you choose an economic solution such as a holiday house it allows you to spend your money on things that matter, such as renting a car to discover the area, shopping or renting bicycles. Take a vacation and choose a low-cost vacation rental that’s a great way to spend your vacation in a relaxed way.

A Great Way to Find your Holiday House on the Sea 

Want a beach holiday? With us you will find Cheap Holiday House suitable for your holidays. In our program we offer solutions for all tastes and we recommend you to manage each reservation with particular care and also provide you with all the necessary information about the place where you will spend your holidays.

Take also your Dog 

Do you want to take your dog on holiday too? In any case, in our selection there is always a holiday home that welcomes your faithful pet. Rest in a dog house even after a day of play on the beach or in the woods. That way, you and your pet will have a great holiday. Many Holiday Houses are equipped with all kind of items needed to offer to your little friends the comfort for a great vacation! 

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