How Secure Travel Bags Can Keep Your Valuables Safe When Travelling

Travelling is always an exciting time in anyone’s life. It’s always fun to visit a new country, see the sights and everything the place has to offer, and head out to an adventure. But just like any other activity, travelling is not without risks, the most common of which is theft and pickpockets. The key thing for you to remember is this: travel safe, travel smart, and travel fun.

To help ease this worry so you can enjoy more, travelling bags have now evolved to safer models, particularly secure and anti-theft travelling bags. You’ve probably seen a lot of these everywhere, but the question remains: How exactly do these bags work to be anti-theft? Read on below to find out.

1. Secure travel bags have more hidden compartments than regular backpacks do.

One of the most basic features that secure travel bags have is that they possess more hidden compartments and pockets than a regular backpack. For instance, ordinary backpacks will have just the compartments that you can access through zippers. With travel bags, there are numerous hidden pockets for your valuables, which can only be accessed by you, as the owner, as these pockets are often challenging to open and decipher from the outside.

2. Secure travel bags have slash-proof and adjustable straps.

One of the common ways expert pickpockets steal is by slashing out your bag strap. Before you even feel or notice that it is gone, they will have already run away with your belongings. This is often very common with ordinary bags, and most especially when you are travelling alone and have no group that can look out for each other. But if you decide to purchase a secure travel bag, the straps are made of slash-proof material with adjustable straps. The straps can be moved from an ordinary backpack to cross-body, which is naturally the safer way a bag can be worn. For even more security, the straps are reinforced with steel to prevent thieves from easily cutting the strap. 

3. Secure travel bags are made of more durable material.

No, you certainly cannot expect your travel bag to be made of ordinary cloth material. Cloth or cotton is very easy to slash through. Anti-theft travel bags are more expensive for a good reason, and one of these has to do with the material that is used for creating these bags. The fabric used to make these bags is usually durable, such as polyester and PVC. These materials make your bag not just waterproof, but also tear-proof. 

Additional features of these bags to enhance durability include:

  • Lockable zippers, which prevents zippers from sliding and opening easily
  • Straps are made of mesh wires, which makes it difficult to cut through

4. Secure travel bags have RFID blocking cards and passport slots.

Theft while travelling is not only limited to the physical act of stealing. Many expert pickpockets have also gone to extreme measures by stealing digital information as well, such as your passport and credit card details. Because of technology, these pickpockets have scanners that can immediately scan through your cards in your backpack or the back pocket of your jeans, without you even noticing. This is possible through radio frequency and this is precisely how pickpockets try to steal passport information for the creation of fake passports, as well as your credit card.

Anti-theft travel bags are complete with both RFID blocking cards and passport slots to hide these items securely without risk of scanners reading through your bag and stealing valuable information from you.

5. Secure travel bags offer a more comprehensive range of flexibility, too.

If you carry an ordinary backpack when you travel, chances are, you will have to dump your gadgets all in one place. There is no means of separating big items from small items unless you organize them all together in different pouches. But these pouches, in reality, only make theft even easier for expert thieves. When you’re walking and no one is looking, it is easier for them to grab even more things from your bag in one go if you have grouped them all together. If all your small gadgets and electronics are in one pouch, and this is the first thing the thief grabs, they will undoubtedly celebrate their victory. 

With secure travel bags, you will no longer have to worry about this. These bags offer a wide range of flexibility that allows you to put in any gadget and valuable item that you need to bring. For instance, laptop sleeves and other compartments are padded and closed so you can securely hide your camera and laptop. Some bags even have USB ports for charging these devices so you won’t have to worry about taking these items out regularly, especially when in public.


With all these and so many more, you may finally be convinced that an anti-theft bag does work. It isn’t just a fad or a trend that doesn’t live up to its name. If you don’t have one yet, now’s the time for you to go ahead and get one! Secure travel bags should be your best bud for the next time that you go on holiday.

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