Hotels4U Responds to Backlash over Brummie Ad

Anything for Yow cupcake! This simple catchphrase led to a public backlash which spanned Twitter, YouTube, blogs and even national broadsheets and radio. Hotels4u’s recent national TV campaign featured a bubbly, cartoony couple with wacky clothes and highly exaggerated accents. The male character Danny has a particularly ‘distinctive’ Brummie accent and prounced ‘you’ or ‘yooooow’ in a way that caused a wave of TV muting across Britain.
Hotels4u however did not shy away from the criticism that the ad was offensive to Brummies, belittling and intentionally aggravating. On social media they quickly responded to individual Tweets, the head of marketing appeared on national radio and now, they have created a video where the advert’s characters personally highlight the creativity of some of the UK’s most creative internet warriors.
Check out the video above to see Danny and Poppy read the colourful, original and undeniably harsh public responses that the brand received. If you haven’t seen the Hotels4u ads click here to view them:

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