Rhine river

12 Mar High out with the Rheinturm

Dusseldorf offers its visitors a fascinating view over the Rhine. This is one of the attractions in the city of Dusseldorf. On the Rhine itself, walks and boat trips can be enjoyed. If you want to see the Rhine from a different perspective, you should look up. With the motto “high up”, tourists can visit the Rheinturm. The 240.5-meter-high TV tower is already superbly visible from the Rhine. Its height and shape are impressive. With an elevator you drive to the open air platform, in 166m high point. With so many visitors, the amazement will already start here. Once you get out of the lift you get a unique panoramic view. With a bit of luck with the weather then you can look up to Cologne with a clear view. Of course, in the breezy height also taken care of the physical well-being. In an exclusive atmosphere, visitors can enjoy their well-being in a restaurant or in a bar.

From the Rhine Tower directly into the shopping metropolis

From the Rhine Tower visitors can immerse themselves directly in the shopping metropolis. Dusseldorf is known for its fashion awareness and its extensive shopping streets. The Königsallee is one of the most sought-after shopping streets where you can see the rich guys with their Escorts Dusseldorf. This is called among locals only the Kö. The shopping street in the city centre of Dusseldorf is known for numerous boutiques and luxury shopping. The Königsallee is one of Europe’s leading luxury shopping streets. The road length is about 1 km, on which numerous luxury shops can be found. In addition to the Königsallee, which is located in the city centre, you can also make a small swivel in the Dusseldorf Old Town. The old city centre of the state capital invites you to stroll and pamper yourself. In the old town you can find different shopping possibilities. In addition to the classic fashion brands, there are also always designer shops offering the latest collections.

Big fashion chains in Dusseldorf

As a fashion city Dusseldorf offers not only exclusive fashion brands, but also the big fashion chains. At Schadowstrasse, large fashion houses, such as Zara and H & M, line up side by side. The target groups of these fashion chains are above all young people and young professionals. On a sales area of around 18,000 square meters there are plenty of fashion accessories and garments in the Schadow arcades. On the Schadowstrasse, fashion enthusiasts not only find a few bargains, but also a large number of different catering outlets. In addition to the numerous fashion shops are cafes and restaurants settled.

What a visit to Dusseldorf should include

A stay in Dusseldorf should definitely include a visit to the Media Harbour. The Media Harbour is Dusseldorf’s hippest district. In this quarter it becomes clear why Dusseldorf is a popular place especially for young and aspiring people. The Media Harbour is characterized by modern architecture. Young and creative companies from the media industry have settled here and make the district again and again individually and new. Also worth a visit is the Japanese Quarter, which can be found in Dusseldorf. Numerous Japanese companies have settled in this area, attracting many Japanese citizens. As a guest in Dusseldorf you can experience and enjoy the Japanese culture here.

With its many facets Dusseldorf is a good holiday destination and a city where you get to know new aspects every day.

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