With beautiful countryside, historic cities, top-notch museums and outstanding theatres, New York has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for the wanderers. It is one of the most popular worldwide vacation destinations for many reasons. It is a world force in economic, financial, fashion, artistic and literary circles.

We have brought to you a compact and compiled list of few places you can visit on day trips in New York. Let’s have a glanced look at them:


Treat to the eyes of nature lovers! Beauty situated on the border of Canada’s Ontario and the United States’ New York, Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the North American continent.

The magnificent beauty, charm and enormous volume of the falls attracts millions every year from all over the world. Visitors can get an up-close view of the foaming waters by a boat cruise. Though located in the same state as New York City, it is really too far by road or rail to do in one day. However takes only one hour if you travel by plane, making it one of the most fun and exciting day trips from New York City.


Being the national capital and one of the most beautiful places, the city has its own charm. Washington D.C. is doable as a day trip from New York, though most people will probably want to stay overnight when visiting the Nation’s capital. DC can be reached in four hours by bus or in three hours by train. Guests here can take a tour of the White house, congressional buildings, or the National Mall that houses the Washington and Jefferson Monuments. Those who love natural history may enjoy the zoo or the Smithsonian Museum. 

Best of all, this city shows one benefit for tax dollars– no admission fees are charged at any of the publicly owned zoos, museums or monuments. So, Plan your trip with holiday planning sites and grab discounts using Amtrak promocode and enjoy the city’s beautiful cherry blossoms. Be ready, Pack your bags and Explore the Capitol, Senate and The White House – and venture further into the vibrant city. Indulge in every cuisine under the sun, from French-Chinese fusion to Michelin.


Add as many places to your list as you can. Another one of the best day trips from New York City is a hop, skip, and 90-minute train ride to historic Philadelphia which is only 100 miles away. Must-see sights are close together, including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Constitution Square (the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution).

How can you leave without biting into a cheesesteak from Geno’s or Pat’s? After taking into the calories, work them off by strolling along Boathouse Row to see the 19th-century boathouses lining the river; then run the stairs Rocky-style at Philadelphia Museum of Art. One should never miss a stop in America’s oldest farmers’ market at Reading Terminal, celebrating 125 years in 2018.

So, what are you waiting for? Drive to Philadelphia with friends or family and have a fun- filled and joyful vacations.


For those who love to be in peace and calm away from hustle-bustle of busy and monotonous life. The impressively vast Delaware River meanders approximately 14,119 miles through 5 states before reaching the Atlantic in New Jersey.

Where it passes through New York is the attractive and forested Catskills region, which, only a short distance from NYC – makes the perfect day trip. The adrenaline lovers amongst you will be pleased to know that the river tour operator Lander’s River Trips also offers rapids routes.


Bored form daily routine same monotonous life? No worries! We have an option for you which is just over an hour away from the big city and is another rare find, perfect for a day’s worth of exploring. The Glass House is an iconic, contemporary building built in 1955 that is perfect for modern art and architecture lovers alike.

It is built in a 49- acre plot of stunning forested land that house 14 other architectural masterpieces alongside a collection of 20th century art. Spend your day having quality time with friends or family, marveling at the various works of art on a tour, or feel free to enjoy them yourself by simply wandering around. You will definitely fall in love with such a peaceful and calm ambience of the place


So, this one is for all the foodies and nature lovers at the same time! To beat the birds- eye views of the Hudson River from mountain tops, Go and visit Hudson itself. Visit one of the many quaint, sleepy towns lining its banks, but for a real treat, head over to the town of Hudson itself.

There is an endless list of the stylish guesthouses and food outlets, where one can spend the entire day. A widely recognized foodie haven, Hudson boasts New York quality eats without the chaos of the city. Include the place in your travel bucket list whenever you plan to go for a day trip in New York.


Surrounded by the villages of South Hampton and Eastern Hampton, this playground is the famous section of Long Island. Known for its large number if beachside mansions, stars and magnets and its lavishing parties, the place has its own charm. You can easily reach Hamptons in a day, and in three hours of you travel by train or bus. White sand beaches, historic homes and mansions, elegant stores and restaurants take away your heart and leave you in love with this place forever.

So, these were some of the day trips one can go for in New York to spend the quality time with friends and family. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry Up and Plan your next day trip ASAP with this travel guide.


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