Gift Yourself A Leisure Holiday In 2022

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It has oft been said that travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. After all, when compared with money and possessions, stories and adventures seem much more valuable, as they are intrinsically different for every individual and therefore tailored in a way that makes it personalised. Taking vacations or time off to relax and recharge is of the utmost importance, especially in today’s environment when we are faced with unbearable amounts of stress and a workaholic, fast paced work environment. In times like these it is important to take some time off for rest and relaxation and unwind in order to ensure that your mental and physical state are in top shape. 

In fact, the longer you keep working without a break, the more fatigued you’ll get, ensuring that your productivity suffers and you’re basically not doing the task at all. It is also true that new experiences can open you up to different cultures and different ways of thinking, which can be refreshing after you’ve been stuck in a particular cycle for a while. 

A vacation is also a goal for many people that work hard and save up money in order to be able to travel somewhere and see new places. In a way, the idea of travel or vacation is what drives people to work, so that they can relax for a certain time period of the year. However, no matter your reason for wanting to travel or a nice, leisurely vacation, the following locations are the best places to travel to in 2022-:

  1. Mexico

Mexico is a country that has as of late been experiencing a resurgence in the travel scene. With it being one of the most affordable destinations to fly towards, it is definitely here to stay in the post-pandemic world where people are now actively seeking value for money. There are many experiences you can have in Mexico, such as having chocolate in the place where it was first created. 

Mexico also has beautiful beaches, marine life and cenotes for the quintessential Mexican experience. This is one destination where you can definitely come and lay back and relax with activities like hot air balloon rides over the Teohtihuacan pyramids as well as a tour of the Xochimilco hanging gardens.

  1. Canada

Canada, another one of the United States’ neighbours makes the list of the best travel destination. With the Canadian Rockies and the culturally rich cities such as Toronto, it is the perfect destination for travellers that like learning and the expansive outdoors. A wide variety of festivals and museums, rich and interactive history and delicious cuisine make it a worthwhile experience. Canada also has a rail service that passes through the Rockies and the cities, ensuring the scenic route is not disrupted for those that like to travel slow. 

  1. Paris

Paris has always been the global fashion capital of the world. With the new Hotel De La Marine Museum opening, as well as a Michelin star restaurant, it is soon to become the new travel destination for many people. In the fashion capital of the world, it won’t do if you don’t see the Eiffel Tower and get at least a couple of pictures clicked in front of it in a fashionable outfit. Carry jewelry, preferably pearl jewelry, to contrast with the dark outfit to create a brilliant juxtaposition against the light of the illuminated Eiffel Tower

  1. Portugal

One of the most underrated countries in the World, Portugal is the toast of every seasoned traveller’s itinerary these days. The reasons for this new found popularity are many, chiefly amongst them how it is has a favourable climate all year long, its own wine region as well as being cheaper than Spain or France. The beaches of Portugal are beautiful as well, with whale and dolphin watching a hobby on some of the beaches. There also exist beaches for surfing in Portugal. Portugal is also heaven for book readers, as The Literary Man in Portugal boasts of a collection of 75000 novels. 

The Algarve boasts 27 coastal courses for golf lovers, with 37 courses dotted along the southern region. Golf tourism has increased 23% since covid restrictions were lifted in 2022, with hotspots such as Vilamoura, Lagos, and Albufeira benefitting the most. Hotels and packages are also among the cheapest in Europe, making it a popular destination with holidaymakers.

  1. Rome

It would be blasphemous to leave out one of the sacrosanct destinations on any self-respecting Europe tour. Rome was the cradle of Western Civilisation after Greece, one of the world’s largest empires. In every lane in Rome, history seeps though the cracks in the cobblestones, hiding secrets of the things they’ve seen. The Trevi Fountain, The Coliseum, The Pantheon and the Sacred Area of Torre Argentina, where Julius Caesar is believed to have been murdered are some places to check out. 

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