17 May Fun tips on how to pass the time when travelling

Many people nowadays like to travel to different parts of the country, or the world, during their leisure time – while others are simply required to travel each day to get to and from work. Whether you are travelling for work or play however, it still means hours of airport waiting, delays, dull bus or train journeys and long-haul flights. Something has to be done to pass those periods and these are some great tips for doing just that.


Whether you have brought a book or magazine with you, or picked one up at the airport or station, reading is a reliable way of passing the time on journeys. Even those who do not read all that much at other time will find this an ideal opportunity to bury their heads in a novel, with reading being such an absorbing activity that even the longest journey will zip by before you know it. If you are on holiday, could even spend the time reading a bit about the place you are travelling to, as this will heighten your sense of anticipation.

Have a walk

Obviously you will be somewhat restricted as to where you can walk on a train or plane – unless you are a professional stuntman – but stretching your legs for a bit during a long journey will help the time to pass and is also beneficial to your health. Furthermore, if you get chatting to someone elsewhere on the train or plane you may even find yourself ending the journey with a new friend.

Listen to music

Thanks to portable electronic storage devices such as the iPod and the MP3 Player, you can carry hundreds of your favourite songs with you on long journeys within a tiny package. This is ideal, because listening to music is another activity that makes such journeys into a pleasure rather than a chore. Although you might want to be careful that you don’t get too carried away and start singing along to the songs.


Again this is another activity that has been made easy to do whilst travelling, thanks to modern technology. With devices like laptops with the best gaming cpu or tablets, you can access games at any time, whether you prefer to play role-playing epics, brain-teasing puzzle games or bet a bit of money on online casino games such as blackjack and poker. I personally go to an Australian Online Casino because there are way more chanches for me to win prizes that could help me benefit myself. As long as the vehicle you are travelling on has wi-fi, this will be another great way to pass some time.


If you are able to fall asleep during plane or train journeys this can be a good way of getting through them painlessly – and it will also have the considerable benefit of ensuring you are well rested and raring to go when you arrive at your destination. One thing that can help you to drift off to the land of nod is to use items like an eye mask  and earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, to help you block out fellow passengers.

These handy tips will definitely help the hours fly by the next time you have a long journey.

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