Five Must-Have Items to Pack for Your Motorcycle Trip

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With lots of quality roads and beautiful scenery, the US is a great place for any motorcycle rider to head out for a joyride.

While riding a motorcycle is a fun and fulfilling experience, it can prove fatal in the event of a crash. This is perhaps because motorcycles lack the same safety features that vehicle occupants enjoy. 

Fortunately, observing motorcycle safety rules and having all the required items can help you and the pillion passenger in case of an accident.

Five must-have items to pack for your motorcycle trip

  1. First Aid Kit and Other Safety Items

If you are preparing for a motorcycle trip, it is important that you think about your own safety and how to take care of yourself in case of an accident. 

One thing that you must consider is a motorcycle first aid kit. A helpful kit should include nitrile gloves, antibiotic ointment, burn gel, instant cold packs, and anything else that can help you treat the most common injuries riders face.

On top of that, you will also need to include other motorcycle safety equipment such as a compact tire inflator, motorcycle disc lock, and other accessories for crash protection.

If you are not sure what else to include, these motorcycle safety tips can help you plan for emergencies and ensure your own safety throughout the journey.

  1. The helmet 

Most states have motorcycle helmet laws that require all riders to wear helmets. That means you may face legal penalties and consequences for failing to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Although other states allow motorcycle riders not to wear helmets as long as they have not attained a certain age, wearing one can help reduce the risk of serious head and brain injuries. The reason behind that is simple. A helmet provides an additional layer for the head, thus reducing the impact of a force when an accident happens.

  1. Protective gear for cold, wet, or warm weather

Wearing motorcycle leather suits and helmets may seem cumbersome to most, but it is safer and more comfortable to ride with these protective gear. Although leather gear will protect you from the elemental forces of sun, wind, and rain, it is important to layer your clothing and include everything for every weather.

For instance, if you are riding in the heat of summer, you may want to wear lighter clothing under your protective gear. However, you may need to pack a lightweight rain suit in case your trip will take you up the mountains.

  1. Daily use essentials

We all have basic essentials that provide daily comfort and convenience on the road. These can be personal hygiene items, a neck scarf, eye protection, bungee straps, and earplugs. However, don’t limit yourself to what you often use; you can add more items that you are certain will bring the convenience you need on the road.

  1. Communications tools and gadgets 

Whether you are taking the motorcycle trip to connect or disconnect, it is important to bring along tools and gadgets to help you communicate or capture the moments. These can include your smartphone, a camera and spare batteries, laptop, cash, and credit cards.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that riding is a fun, invigorating, and unique experience. 

However, motorcycles lack the luxuries and safety features that come with vehicles, making motorcyclists among the most vulnerable road users. The good thing is that you can still enjoy your motorcycle trip if you put in a little bit of planning and pack everything that will ensure your safety and the convenience you need.

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