13 Feb Fitness breaks for 2018

If one of your new year’s resolution is to work on your mental as well as physical fitness then you should definitely look up how to plan a trip to one of the many retreats, boot camps and fitness courses all across the world. These are great places where you will be able to transform yourself to become stronger, more healthy and surely more happy.
Taking ‘fitcations’ have now become the norm. No more do people shy away from the gyms even when they’re on vacation. People all over the world have become very aware of being mentally and physically fit.

For yoga, the best place to visit would be its place of birth, India. Goa is one of the many places in India that offer great retreats. You will find brilliant teachers which will help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goal.

If an intensive yoga retreat feels too restrictive then you should opt for a bed and breakfast and yoga option in the numerous spots in Ibiza, Spain. You can practise yoga in the early hours of the day and the rest of the day can be spent roaming the luxurious beaches and taking in gorgeous views.

If you’re looking for a more full-on sporting course, many online travel websites provide a list of courses all over the world, from countries like Poland to Thailand. Thailand is known for its relaxing retreats, with spas and beaches all around but not many people know that a whole load of fitness activities and courses are arranged here, every year. Thanyapura in Thailand is a great spot to start your fitness journey.

Another country which is perfect for embarking on your fitness journey is Costa Rica. The tropical waters and warm climate offer the perfect conditions to take part in an extensive range of activities. You can choose from a variety of classes every day, from jungle runs, beach boot camp and surfing to mat Pilates and paddle boarding. One thing is for sure, you will not be short of opportunities to work up a sweat under the sun.

Travelling to any one of these countries is the ultimate way to rejuvenate on a multi activity holiday. It is a way to start a process that completely renews your body as well as your mind. Everything about your stay will have you revived and relaxed by the time you tear yourself away from the retreat.

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