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08 Sep Festival Hacks That Will Make Your Experience More Fun (and Less Muddy)

Festival season is quickly approaching. In an ideal world, when we head for festivals, the weather would be perfect with luxury accommodation, tiled flooring, and sparkling bathrooms. Generally, this isn’t the case. You are much more likely to be spending your days trawling through muddy fields and using a dirty portable toilet. While this is, of course, part of the experience, here are some hacks to make it even more fun.

Toiletry Essentials

These are the things you absolutely do not want to forget. Firstly, baby wipes. Millions of baby wipes. However many you think you need, add another pack. Baby wipes are your first weapon against the mud. You’ll use them to wash and to wipe pretty much everything. Other essentials include dry shampoo, any medication you need, toilet roll, deodorant, sunscreen, painkillers, and condoms, just in case!

Portable Phone Charger

Mobile phones can be a big part of the fun. You’ll use them to find your friends, take photos, tag things on social media, and to find your tent in the dark. All of this use means you will run out of charge at the time you need your phone the most. Portable chargers are a must.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are incredibly useful. You’ll need one for your rubbish, one for muddy clothes and two to cover your shoes, so make sure you take a good supply.

Music Festival Hacks

Step Carefully

Mud is a bit like snow. So, when you are walking in it try to tread in other people’s footprints. This will help you to keep your balance, as well as keeping your legs clean and dry.

Sensible Clothing

Think about what you pack. Wellies are a must, as is a lightweight waterproof jacket. But, you should also think practically. A playsuit might look great, but going to the toilet will be a nightmare.


A polite “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me” can go a long way. Try to be friendly and polite always and people will be much more willing to help you and make way to let you pass without a muddy struggle.

Think Before You Pitch

Where you pitch your tent is important. Many people aim to get near to the front. But, this often ends up being the muddiest area, so if you don’t want to be bogged down head further out. You may also be tempted to pitch up near the toilet for ease of access late at night. Don’t. Just imagine the smell.

Of course, if the mud really bothers you that much you have two other, fantastic options. You could stay in a hotel and commute to the venue so you are only in the mud when you absolutely need to be. Search for cheap hotels in Manchester if you are heading to Parklife.

Or, you could go abroad. There are some fantastic festivals all over the world, many of which are in much drier locations. Wherever you choose to go, have a great time, and try to embrace whatever conditions you find.

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