Favorite Vacations Spots, Domestic and Abroad

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Exotic vacations are not limited to the Caribbean. Explore the globe and go where adventure leads you. Vacationing is more affordable than ever, and far-off shores and exciting attractions beckon. Whether you plan to travel domestically or take a vacay closer to home, choices abound.

Vacation Destination Ideas

Vacation packages are like people. They come in all shapes and sizes. From easy-going golf outings to elaborate international trips with extensive itineraries, all are available to you. 

Exotic Vacations

Your vacation is only limited by your imagination. Dubai has become a preferred destination. This opulent city has impressive modern architecture, opportunities for browsing the world’s best brings in luxury shopping venues, and a wonderful restaurant and nightlife scene. Visitors are always taken with Dubai Fountain, which features lights and jets carefully choreographed to music.

Morocco has a distinctive culture with Arabian, European and Berber influences. Walking through Marrakech’s medina is like walking through medieval quarters. Enjoy local crafts, ceramics and jewelry in Djemaa el-Fna square.

You could also opt for a trip to Middle Earth. New Zealand’s Mt. Victoria and South Island served as the backdrop for Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings.” Bring the kids for an educational and awe-inspiring experience. 

Or travel back to the time of the pyramids with a trip to Cairo, Egypt. Ride a camel through ancient ruins or take a guided tour through important religious sites.

Domestic Get-Aways

Of course, Hawaii remains a favorite vacation destination. Maximize your visit to the Aloha state with visits to not only the Big Island but also Oahu, Lanai, and Kauai. Surfing and outdoor activities abound, and you’re sure to find something to suit everyone’s taste.

Hilton Head, South Carolina is a favorite spot for golfers. The quiet tree-lined streets soothe the soul, and later, fine dining restaurants provide tempting fare for every palate. Dolphin-watching is a favorite afternoon past-time here.

The Carolinas are also home to Myrtle Beach, with 60 miles of nonstop beaches. The lively atmosphere includes the Sling Shot Thrill Ride, perfect for children, and an amazing array of restaurants and bars. The boardwalk is busy, so be careful not to overindulge. Cops are on the lookout for drunk drivers, and you don’t want your vacation to be spent trying to figure out who’s to blame in a rear-end collision.

Group Travel

Vacationers on a budget can take advantage of affordable group travel packages. There are numerous advantages to traveling with others, including the priceless experience of having familiar faces with you when you experience a new locale for the first time. 

Once the trip is over, you will be saying things for the rest of your lives like, remember that time we met the independent film producer at Cannes? Or remember that wonderful oil on canvas we saw at Prado Museum in Madrid? You get the idea.

Photo opportunities are rarely missed when a friend is on hand to capture the moment. Do you want to try riding an elephant while in Mumbai? That camera phone may be a bit cumbersome when you are seated on the animal, but having a friend standing by means you can get every facial expression. There is also safety in numbers. Travel, especially international travel, is safer and more relaxing when done in groups. 

Regardless of where or how you decide to vacay, taking a break is good for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Americans have been working extended hours, and many still have to tend to children, pets, and elderly parents. It’s time to get out there. Bon Voyage!

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