Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Many people grow up imagining having their dream wedding in a breathtaking venue by the ocean, with amazing cuisines and excellent service. However, as the big day approaches, they realize how daunting a task wedding planning can be. Each decision made determines whether one has their dream wedding or an event that escapes people’s memories within days. 

Deciding on the venue that best rhymes with the wedding’s desired style and tone is perhaps the most challenging task. Having a wedding in Bali relieves you of the mental pressures of making difficult choices. Bali has numerous beautiful tropical scenery that naturally blends with various wedding themes like bohemian, fairy tale, classic, rustic, romantic, or woodland forest. 

Besides the venue scenery, it is important to pay attention to other factors when selecting a venue for your dream wedding. 

Factors that you should consider before making your venue choice include: 

  • Budget
  • Availability
  • Venue package 
  • Venue capacity
  • Number of venues
  • Curfew 
  • Transportation 


Nothing is more disappointing than selecting a wedding venue that is fully booked on your wedding date. Popular wedding and honeymoon destinations like Bali are always in high demand. Therefore, holding a wedding in Bali would require you to make reservations 12 to 18 months before your wedding date. 

Venue Capacity

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is picking venues that do not fit their guest count. If you expect a large number of people to attend the wedding, select a venue that is designed to accommodate all of them. On the other hand, selecting an oversized space for a small guest could result in unnecessary expenditure. 


You don’t need to spend a fortune on private villas to have a memorable wedding. You can still get something beautiful and special if you want to hold your wedding in Bali on a budget. You need to select a wedding venue with a package type that fits your budget. 

Select a venue package that adequately caters to all your venue needs at an optimum price. Ensure that the venue package answers wedding venue questions like:

  1. Will the vendor provide space, staffing, and catering services?
  2. Is the bar included in the package?
  3. Is the venue space adequate or wasteful?
  4. Will the venue be available on your wedding date?
  5. What type of cuisine is included in the package?

Paying attention to the venue package prevents you from making decisions you regret after signing the contract with the vendor. 

Number of Venues

Weddings in Bali are often officiated on the resort’s onsite chapel. Most couples find this option cheaper and easier for the guest. However, catholic weddings can only be officiated in a catholic chapel. Hence, people who wish to hold the ceremony and the reception in different venues should beware of the time taken to travel from one venue to another. Setting a schedule makes it easy for vendors to keep time. 


If you intend to hold a fun whiskey and gin wedding reception at night, it is imperative to find out noise restrictions before signing the contract with the venue vendor. Certain venues have strict noise ordinance restrictions that could spoil the mood of a fun night party. 

The curfew also details when the party is expected to end. The venue contract should clearly outline when customer service is expected to end. 


Holding a wedding in Bali could be disappointing if the selected wedding venue is far from the guests’ local hotel. Some parts of Bali experience heavy traffic that could delay the arrival of guests. In such cases it is imperative to select a ceremony site that is close enough for guests. Alternatively, you could work with a vendor who can facilitate your guest’s group transportation to the venue. 

Creating a memorable guest experience during a wedding is very important. When selecting a venue, choose one with ample parking space for guests, accessible to differently-abled people. 

After considering all the above factors, decision-making comes down to your gut feeling. If the venue you select gives you sleepless nights, it is unlikely to give you your dream wedding experience. If it brings a big smile to your face every time you think about it, then it will likely be the best decision you make in life. 

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