Exotic Travel: How You Can Do It On a Budget

Ask anyone over the age of 40, traveling has gotten a lot easier over the last decade. There was a time when a trip to Europe or the USA was the pinnacle of most people’s travel list. Fortunately, things have changed. People can travel further, for cheaper. With this came a change in travel goals, especially for younger travellers.  

When asking most young travelers where their ideal travel destination is, you usually get the same answer: Asia. More specifically, Southeast Asia.

While Thailand and Vietnam usually top the list, places like Cambodia, Laos or even the Philippines often take the top spot too. But, the general trend is always South East Asia. It’s also usually more than one country in the region too. 

The reason for this is that the countries here are the right combination of exotic, cultural, adventurous, and cheap. The only question many ask is how to choose which country to go to. 

Luckily, you may not have to. 

The majority of these countries have very relaxed visa requirements, particularly for tourists. In fact, if you’re from the USA, or almost all of the European Union, you’ll likely need no visa for your trek through South East Asia. Combined with cheap flights between the countries here, there’s no reason you can’t see most or all of the major countries in South East Asia in a single trip. 

So, below, we laid out a quick guide on how you can plan a visa-free run through Southeast Asia for the maximum enjoyment with minimal annoyance. 

4 Tips To Help You Plan Your No Visa Run Through Southeast Asia

Do your homework on different asian countries visa protocols

This should be a given for most travelers. Checking the countries that are visa-free for travelers is often first in the list. But, some countries in South East Asia can be a little tricky or counterintuitive in this regard. 

While some countries in South East Asia simply require tourists to show up, and maybe fill out a small form on arrival, to get their visa, some require a bit more procedures gone followed. Meanwhile, some countries will have different periods for which you can stay in them with your tourist visas, and how many trips into the country you can take within a period of time. 

So, do your research on the protocols for tourists in different countries so you don’t get run into any unexpected trouble.

Be on the lookout for surprise transit visa requirements

This is particularly important for some European or US travelers. Places like Canada and China  require visas for their country even if you’re simply connecting flights there. Meaning you don’t even have to try to leave the airport there to be turned away for not having a visa. 

This can be a nightmare of a surprise for travelers and has happened on multiple occasions due to the above places often hosting connecting flights. So, check out any stopover locations and double-check if they require you to have a transit visa. Do this before you book your flights too. An extra few bucks for another route to your destination may be worth it if it saves you on a transit visa later on. 

Organize your accommodation and tours in advance

Just because you are eligible to enter a country on a arrival doesn’t mean your guaranteed entry. You’ll still need to clear immigration. One of the most common sets of questions that you’ll be asked is where you’re staying and what you plan to do in the country. 

So, it’s a good idea to have your accommodation and activities booked prior to your trip, and have booking confirmations in hand. Luckily, all-inclusive vacation packages and guides can do all of this for you and have it ready to go before you even board your flight. 

Find out the best ways of crossing into surrounding countries

There are generally good relationships between many of the bordering countries of Southeast Asia. Many of them are also only separated by a stretch of road or small river. Because of this, there are often multiple ways to cross into neighboring countries in the region. Some routes will also be more relaxed than others. 

So, check out the best ways to cross into different countries. Generally, pricing will be similar by land, air, or sea. So, added convenience in getting through the border could help make your trip that much more efficient and enjoyable. 

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