Essential Features Travelers Should Look When Buying a Phone

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Over the years, our phones have become more and more integrated into our daily lives — we use them to take notes, remember important dates, buy things, guide us through unknown places, and much more. 

For travelers, there are a few key features you might need from your phone that others won’t. When you’re out exploring world, a few handy technological advances can make your experience even greater. 

Check out this interesting guide on what brand and type of phones people usually use and continue reading below what you should look for as a traveler when you’re in the market for a new phone!

1. 5G Compatibility

Make sure you can pick up the best WiFi where ever you are with a phone that supports 5G — most new smartphones will be compatible. If the city you’re in offers 5G, why would you settle for struggling to pick up 4G or even 3G? 5G means you can load maps, use internet calling, and download apps quickly and easily when you’re on the road.

2. Splash Resistance and Drop Protection

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 range comes with the brand’s most advanced exterior protections yet, which is great for adventurers. You can relax a little more when visiting waterfalls, hiking over bumpy terrain, and shooting videos at the beach. Be sure to also give your phone an extra protective layer with a Casely iPhone 12 Pro Max (or whatever model you own) case — a shock-absorbent shell might mean the difference between saving or smashing your device if you drop it!

3. An Amazing Camera 

Most of us want to capture as many photos and videos of our trip-of-a-lifetime to look back on in years to come, so it’s very wise to invest in a phone that also has great camera capabilities. The latest smartphones coming out all feature multiple camera lenses for capturing wide and ultra-wide shots, making your pics crisper than ever with great depth. Look for 4K video recording to shoot incredible mini-movies on your travels. 

4. Translation Apps

Apple’s newest phones come with a built-in translation app to help you communicate with locals and read street signs where ever you are in the world. This nifty app translates spoken word for you, so you don’t need to mess around with typing. At its launch, the iPhone 12 ‘Translate’ app supported 11 languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, and Korean, with more languages expected to be added with future updates. If you don’t have an iPhone, there are plenty of downloadable translation apps out there — find one that works for you before you set off, so you’re ready when you need to translate something.

5. Battery Life

It’s the worst when your phone dies when you’re on a journey and you don’t know when you’ll next find an outlet to charge it. The best way to avoid this drama is to buy a phone with the best battery life available — which isn’t always easy. Modern smartphones aren’t known for their amazing battery lives. In this case, it’s a smart idea to carry around a battery pack with you, or better yet, get a lightweight charging case. This way, you’ll always have a back-up charger with you if you run out of juice. 

The Bottom Line 

There’s no doubt that smartphone technology has revolutionized the way we travel — from improvements in map apps to companies like Uber operating all over the world, it’s never been easier to get around. With the right device features, you can optimize your travels (and how you remember them once they’re over). Visit Internet Advisor If you want to know what smartphone most people use around the world and don’t forget to look for the five features above when you next buy a phone for smooth travels!

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