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SINGAPORE – hot news from leading airlines Emirates and flydubai.

Once again, the companies offer more and more advantages for travelers. More convenience. More choices. More seamless connections thanks to their joint partnership program. By the way, it already includes about 170 destinations. Since autumn 2020 more than five hundred thousands passengers have already taken advantage of flying through the Emirates and flydubai partnership program. The most popular routes, booked under partnership program, feature Kyiv and Kabul, as well as such far destinations as the Maldives, Zanzibar and Kathmandu.

This partnership anticipates a highly attractive challenge for clients – to earn skywards miles at every flydubai flight. Your earn your Skywards Miles by:

  • Your route;
  • Your travel class;
  • Your fare type;
  • Your level of membership, etc.

Use the mileage calculator to count the miles you can earn.

When you buy Skywards miles, you receive some gross benefits. You can pay your Skywards miles for flights with flydubai and Emirates. As well, one can use them for other airline partners all over the world. It also includes hotels, car rental agencies, etc. How to earn Skywards Miles on flydubai? Just book your trip on the website. Emirates offer four tiers of services with elite status under its Skywards program. It ranges from Blue for regular members and Platinum for prestigious ones. Your membership status grows as much as you buy Skywards Miles or fly during a calendar year.

Emirates Chief Executive Officer and flydubai Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, told the media, “We’re sure: two airlines will go on having a fruitful partnership. The partnership between Emirates and flydubai is still growing and we offer the better experience on flights for travelers from Dubai all over the world. Dubai is set to benefit significantly from the successful partnership between Emirates and flydubai. 

His Highness, at press conference, further added: “We are moving forward to expand our services to the new destinations and use the proactive outreach to our extensive customer base. This partnership will bring the tangible business benefits and will further strengthen Dubai’s position as a business and leisure destination with two airlines’ partnership.”

Emirates customers can fly to more than 56 flydubai destinations, while flydubai customers will be able to choose from over 82 Emirates routes. We open the new destinations with every coming month. Such as, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Montenegro and Georgia, etc. We expect to to a large extent to increase the number of new routes in the near future as countries open their borders for business and tourism.

Many airlines are expanding their flight schedules now. 16 countries more have now opened their borders for international tourism without quarantine restrictions. So, we are having the new destinations to Tanzania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Djibouti, Bosnia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland, Albania, Georgia, etc.

Trouble free and safer trips 

Since May 21, Emirates customers will have the better experience with improved flight schedules and flights from Terminal 3 to 22 destinations in Dubai. Prague, Basra, Belgrade, Bucharest, Zanzibar, Kiev, Odessa and Sofia, etc. are now open for flight. 

Emirates and flydubai will offer on-board experiences and services that anticipate the value proposition of each brand, while keeping the health and safety of customers and employees on the ground and in the air at the forefront. Both airlines have implemented the comprehensive biosecurity measures on route. They include good hygiene, enhanced onboard HEPA filters and may other protocols. Most crew members and pilots on both airlines have also been fully inoculated.

The passengers that travel via Dubai can expect a seamless connection with reduced transfer times between Emirates Terminal 3 and Dubai Terminal 2.

Benefits for frequent flyers – more choice for customers.

Emirates Skywards, a joint frequent flyer program between Emirates and flydubai, continues to extend its attractive offers to their clients.

Emirates Skywards has extended the validity of its Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships for frequent flyers until 2022.

All Skywards Miles have also been extended until 31 August 2021. It grants Skywards members with greater access to a range of flight and partner rewards and other benefits.

If you are an Emirates Skywards member, take your chance to earn double miles on all Emirates and flydubai flights. Just book it until 30, June and plan your departure by 30, December 2021.

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