Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh, a compact, hilly, coastal city rich in history, is the capital of Scotland. It is known for its neoclassical gardens and architecture, party venues, and fifteen-kilometer coastline. In this travel guide, you’ll learn about famous landmarks and tourist destinations that you should definitely visit when in Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle sits atop an extinct volcano known as Castle Rock. It is a historical fortress that housed Scottish royals, such as Mary Queen of Scots and her son, James VI, who was born in the castle in 1566. Today, it welcomes visitors who want a taste of history. Crown jewels and other items from centuries past can be found inside the castle.

The Hub

The Hub is known for its spire, which is the highest point in central Edinburgh, and its gothic revival exterior, which is a diversion from the city’s neoclassical architecture. It was built in the mid-1800’s and was intended to be a meeting hall for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Currently, The Hub is one of the most popular party venues Edinburgh has to offer. So if you’re planning an event in the city, definitely check out The Hub at VenueFinder.

Edinburgh Coastline

Most visitors are not aware that Edinburgh has a long stretch of coastline with beautiful views of the water on one side and and quaint old villages on the other. If you’re in the mood for a day by the sea, here are three beaches you should go to:

Aberlady Bay

Shops, restaurants, and cafés are a short walk away from the beach of Aberlady Bay. You can shop and eat, take a walk along the wooden promenade for a breath of fresh seaside air, or visit the nearby nature reserve when you visit here.


Cramond is a suburban area that used to be a fishing village. Today, the harbor is still a dock to colorful boats and charming whitewashed houses. When visiting Cramond, you can take a stroll at the promenade or have a picnic by the beach.


For an exciting day at a mini-funfair, head to Portobello beach. This seaside town is also home to bars, cafés, and ice cream parlors where you can taste local delicacies.

Old Town

Narrow alleys and historical buildings that were built hundreds of years ago adorn Old Town, Edinburgh. It’s a popular destination among tourists and locals because you can find famous landmarks such as the Palace of Holyroodhouse here. It is also where a lot of pubs, restaurants, gift shops, and museums are located. So if you want a holistic Edinburgh experience, head to Old Town. 

Arthur’s Seat

Located in Holyrood Park, about a mile from Castle Rock, Atrhur’s Seat is a hill fort in Edinburgh that offers solace walks with wildlife and geological interests to visitors. Aside from its scientific significance, it is also a wonderful spot to view the whole city from afar. 

Edinburgh is a great city to visit and plan events in. With its interesting heritage and beautiful landmarks, you will surely enjoy a trip to this Scottish city.

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