Earn reward points for moving: Introducing Miles, the travel-rewarding app

When was the last time you won a coffee by going for a stroll? It sounds absurd, but air travellers get perks every day for jetting around the globe. Where’s the loyalty program for those who take the train or the bus?

That’s the question founders Jigar, Parin, and Paresh pondered several years ago. In a world living on borrowed time, they wanted to encourage greener modes of transportation.

Airline points programs incentivize carbon-heavy short-haul flights. So, they decided to turn that model on its head, and Miles was born.

What is Miles, and how does it work?

Miles is a travel app that incentivizes all forms of travel. However, it places particular emphasis on less carbon-intensive forms of transport. Start by downloading the Miles app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Then, allow it to track your location.

That’s when the magic begins to happen. Let’s say you have to pick up milk at the convenience store. For every mile you travel by car, you get one point. However, if you make the same journey by bike, you’ll get five points per mile. Walk there, and you’ll get ten. Soon, you’ll be making these routine trips sans car.

Remember: This app tracks ALL movement. That means you get to monetize your morning run, or all the walking you do on the job. The same goes for your morning commute. Are you going to the mountains this weekend? Every single mile gets logged and returned to you as points – sweet!

To maximize your take, make your transport decisions as green as possible. Why drive to work when the bus/train earns you triple the points? Same goes for weekend trips – a bus/train will triple your earning potential over HUNDREDS of miles, each way. And if you take short-haul flights? Opting for green ground transport will increase your earned points even more!

Earn rewards from hundreds of partners

Amassing a massive cache of miles means nothing if you can’t redeem them. To that end, Miles has partnered with hundreds of brands, ranging from Vudu to Postmates.

To earn free Vudu credit, you redeem 3,500 points. Think about it: A couple of weeks going about your daily life can earn you stuff for free. Rewards come faster if you make green choices. All the while, the app steers you toward modes of transport that reduce the carbon in our atmosphere. Talk about a win-win!

It gets better, though. Like any loyalty program worth their salt, Miles has tiers. Remember that Vudu credit? For Silver members, it costs 3,500 points. If you have Gold status, though, it will only set you back 3,000 points. And if you’ve achieved Platinum status? You’ll only pay 2,500 points.

Does Miles have any drawbacks?

Miles sounds like a fantastic app, but you may be wondering if there’s a catch. As it happens, there is. To function as intended, you must allow Miles to track your location at all times. For some, this requirement is just common sense. For others, it represents a breach of privacy.

In the 21st century, data is the new gold. By tracking your habits, Miles can offer information to brand partners. In turn, they use it to deliver targeted promotions. While this may turn some off, the data sets provided to partners don’t have user identities attached to them.

Miles: A loyalty program for ground transportation

Miles offers a unique opportunity to earn rewards and conserve your cash, all while saving the planet. You commute countless miles every day – it’s time you got rewarded for them.

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