DRYU Dry Bags Review

Dry Bags for Travel: DRYU Review

Travelling the world and saying yes to new adventures means there are inevitably times when you’ll be exposed to water. I’ve found myself canoeing on lakes in Canada, swimming with turtles in Barbados, hiking to waterfalls in Laos, sailing the ocean in Montenegro and taking surf lessons in Australia. Sometimes these things are planned and sometimes they’re just spontaneous decisions.

Then there’s the weather. I’ve been soaked by a monsoon in Phuket and exposed to bitterly cold snow in Iceland. Whatever the occasion, when I’m with electronic equipment and other valuables, it’s best to have something to protect them. Dry bags are perfect for this and over the last few months I’ve had the chance to try out three bags by DRYU – a company established in Bournemouth on the south west coast of England. Sporting the motto ‘life without limits’, DRYU provide vibrant, durable dry bags and are even supporting Team Britannia as they attempt to break the Power Boat Circumnavigation World Record.

I’ve taking these dry bags to Dubai, Greece, Canada and even a music festival in Georgia, so what did I make of them?

DRYU Dry Bags: How they work

DRYU review packaging

The DRYU dry bags come in some really fun, bright colours, including orange, pink, blue and yellow. They look summery on the beach and they also come in three main sizes – 5 litre small, 10 Litre Medium, and 20 Litre Large. I like the small one for carrying just small valuables like an iPhone or camera, but the larger sizes are great if you want to fit clothes and towels inside.

They arrive folded up in a case with instructions but when you open them out they are completely flat, so they’re very easy to pack and carry around.

DRYU dry bags for travel

All you need to do is pop your things inside, roll down the top, then fasten the clip together and your personal belongings are nice and protected. Each bag comes with a shoulder strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder and carry it around easily. The fabric is made from PVC-coated 500D tarpaulin featuring waterproof, sand, snow and dirt proof properties, so it’s designed to protect your valuables from the elements.

The DRYU bags are 100% waterproof and can float when sealed correctly, so I took one swimming in the water with me and sure enough it did float. The bags can be dunked under the water but only for a brief period of time and shouldn’t be exposed to extended periods of submersion. It’s really important that they’re sealed correctly though.

Another great thing about carrying a waterproof bag is that if your sunscreen leaks inside or you spill something on it, you can wipe the fabric down easily too.

UsesDRYU Bag

Dry bags can be used for anything really – travelling, festivals, the beach, water sports, mountain climbing…the possibilities are endless.

I found my dry bag really useful for the beach in Dubai because it kept my camera and clothes from getting sandy. Likewise I’ve found them great for protecting my stuff at the pool, at waterparks and even when canoeing.

I’ve also found my DRYU bags really useful for storing my wet bikinis. Sometimes when I’m travelling I don’t have the chance to dry my bikini before I check out of my hotel, so the dry bags are perfect for keeping the wet separate from the dry. They also make great gym bags, keeping all your sweaty gym clothes contained without the smell.

Dry bags have so many uses. If the weather is unpredictable and it starts raining you can simply throw everything in there and stop it from getting wet.

The Verdict


I’ve used the DRYU bags a lot more than i thought I would. Initially I imagined they’d be useful for water sports and keeping things dry but in fact they’re also useful for keeping the wet in too. I’ve used them on all types of occasions, particularly when the weather is unpredictable. I love my DRYU bags and they’ve become an essential item to pack on my travels.

If you fancy investing in a dry bag for your next trip, DRYU offers free UK delivery and dispatch within 24 hours. Prices are affordable, ranging from £14.99-£24.99.  Check out their full range here: https://www.dryu.co.uk/

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    This bag is so useful while traveling and mountain climbing. I must recommend this useful bag for everyone who love travelling. Because it is designed for this purpose.

    I really impressed to see this bags. Great alternative for travel person. I prefer to have this dry bag. Thanks for sharing.
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