Do I Need A Lawyer For My Citizenship Application Process?

If you are planning to become a U.S. citizen, the path can seem complicated and overwhelming. You will quickly notice that there is a significant amount of paperwork required, and will take a lot of time. Most will agree that the effort is worth it when you are granted citizenship, but hiring the help of an immigration lawyer in Detroit is certain to make the process much smoother. You are free to go through the process on your own, but it is not generally recommended. Here are some things that an immigration lawyer can help you with through the process:

Understand your Green Card History

If you have not completed the time requirements of holding a Green Card, your lawyer will be able to help you understand what the necessary steps are in order to qualify for citizenship. Your specific requirements vary depending on your marital situation, the citizenship of your spouse, and a variety of other things that will be helpful to discuss with an immigration lawyer.

Consult For Potential Deportation

If you are applying for citizenship but find yourself in a potential gap between your green card expiration and your citizenship approval, this can be a confusing time. Having a lawyer to assist you through this common, but sometimes overwhelming, scenario can keep you at ease.

Fill Out Forms

Applying for U.S. citizenship requires an extensive amount of paperwork, and each document requires a lot of information. It is certainly possible to take care of the paperwork yourself, but there are many questions on the forms that may be confusing. Your lawyer will be able to ensure that all of your documents are filled out properly, and help track down any information you are unsure of.

Navigate USCIS

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can be a complicated organization to deal with when applying for your U.S. citizenship. Since many people only deal with citizenship applications a few times, either for themselves or family, it can be very helpful to have someone with extensive experience advising you through the process. USCIS agents will not be able to assist you with any questions you may have, or offer any guidance you may require. 

Assist with Citizenship Interview

For some hopeful U.S. citizens, the citizenship interview may be very intimidating. In it, you must answer questions about your history, your personal character, why you want to become an American citizen, your allegiance to the Constitution, willingness to take an Oath to the United States, and more. A history of divorce, arrest records, or extensive travel may complicate the interview – having a lawyer present in these instances can be very helpful.

Assist with Testing

The entrance exam to becoming a U.S. citizen can be intimidating to many people. The exam requires that you have adequate knowledge of American civics before being accepted as an American citizen. Your lawyer will have an understanding of the exam expectations, and will be able to give you confidence in knowing that you are sufficiently prepared.

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