Compact Convenient Comfortable: 3Cs of the best Travel Bed

Travel is often considered to be an escape of the life we are so used to. We wake up every morning and as clockwork, brush our teeth and go about our day. We come back in the evening and as we prepare to sleep, there is always a soft ping in our minds wondering if there is more to life than this. Travel is a beautiful escape of the monotony of our lives. It is exploring and experiencing the world like we were meant to do. 

Travel has become so common, and many times a career to people, that products for the sole purpose of travelling are available in abundance. A travel bed is one of them. Often, the bed in your accommodation is a cause of concern, unless you opt for an expensive, luxurious hotel. With a travel bed, you are eliminating the risk of having to toss and turn in an old, lumpy mattress and the dreadful bites of bed bugs. The best travel beds you can find have three main elements classified as the three Cs – Compact, Convenient and Comfortable. 

The First C – Compact 

Travelling light is a form of art and it is the best way to be mobile. People often get into the groove of travelling light with enough practice. Being overly prepared and packed is a beginner’s mistake. A travel bed compact enough to fit in a little box and stowed away at the corner of your luggage is now available. Even a king size memory foam mattress can be compressed into a little bag, making travel more comfortable for the whole family. There are different types of compact travel beds including hammocks, sleeping bags and various mattresses sizes so you can make a choice based on your preference. 

Travel doesn’t have to be a depriving experience, especially when it comes to sleep. There is no reason to believe that you need to make do with what the hotel provides. Affordable mattresses in compact bags can easily improve the quality of your trip by helping you sleep better. The opportunities for adventure with a compact travel bed are limitless. You can drive to the beach and set up camp or you can even rent a van and convert it into your own personal mobile home. It is a great accessory for you and your family. Every morning you are bound to see happy, smiling faces after a restful night of sleep. 

The Second C – Convenience

Besides being compact, travel mattresses are a huge convenience. It is the best accessory to have with you for road trips. Be it sleeping under the stars or comfortably in a tent, you never have to worry about feeling the hard ground and gravel underneath you. With large strides made by manufacturers to facilitate convenient usage by customers, users can now find the most popular brands like Nectar or Purple mattresses to see if their beds can serve as a travel accessory. With additional fixtures like mattress protectors, you can use the bed for long periods of time escaping dirt accumulation and stains. 

Besides being able to set up camp anywhere you go, you can also drastically reduce accommodation costs. The money you save can go to amassing new experiences and making the most of your trip. The whole journey can be done on your terms with you bringing along the essentials you need. You can spend additional nights in one place or move to the next destination sooner without having to worry about the hotel costs. 

The Third C – Comfortable

Of course, the main purpose of a travel bed is to induce comfort for a good sleep. It helps you overcome restlessness, allergies and fatigue usually associated with bad mattresses found in budget accommodations. It helps you find the healthiest sleep position easily and ensures you get a good night’s rest. Sleep deprivation during travel increases anxiety, irritability and takes the pleasure out of travel. 

Good quality travel beds work on any frame and even on the floor. It is also designed to create an inhabitable environment for bugs and mites. You can also carry along memory foam pillows to complete the set. Smaller mattresses can serve well for your children who can get very cranky without enough sleep. Even one night of sleep deprivation can cause a mood shift in them that can be difficult to contain. Children especially lose out on sleep because of the unfamiliar environment around them. In these cases, it works to have a mattress that is comfortable enough to put them right to sleep. 

While a lot of travellers cannot fathom the idea of carrying a mattress along with them, it serves its purpose well. Users are able to make the most of their experiences by getting enough sleep. Travel beds are slowly becoming an essential travel accessory, especially for those who want to minimise cost and maximise comfort. Budget travel does not necessarily have to take the luxury out of travel, as long as you bring your own.  

Travel beds often come handy in offbeat travel locations. Lesser known places are the best destinations as it offers unique experiences, the peace and quiet of a non-commercial tourist spot and gives you the opportunity to learn about the place better. It is also much cheaper compared to commercial spots which you might not really enjoy. 

Backpacking around the world? A romantic trip with your partner? A much-deserved family vacation? The reasons to travel are unlimited and so are the options. There is no need to create systematic, organised travel plans that map out every little detail. As long as you are covered for essentials, you can make your way across the world. 

Break free from the monotony of life, experience luxury on a budget and live life to the fullest with travel. You don’t need to be a travel influencer to travel without cause. You just have to know where you want to go. 


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