Checklist: Never Forget These Things When Camping for The First Time

Camping is one of the most exciting activities  you can give to yourself after a long day at school, at home or work or when looking for some kind of adventure. However, one cannot neglect the idea that there are many things we need to consider before jumping into the campsite, especially when you are a beginner in camping.

Nonetheless, it is not that hard to be a camper. With the checklist below, you can have some helpful ideas on the things you need to prepare before and during the camping activity. 

1.    Bring Extra Clothes

When you are in a camp site, there are many possibilities of getting wet or getting dirty. Thus, bringing some extra clothes and under garments  is important. You would not want to go back home or wear something dirty because you ran out of clothes or underwear, would you? 

2.    Never Forget to Bring First Aid Kit

Many things can happen in the camp site, so first aid kit must not be crossed out from the list. Bring plenty of bandages and medicine in case of an emergency. 

3.    Bring Some Bug or Mosquito Spray With You

Campsites are always prone to bugs or mosquitoes, and worrying about them can disturb your suppose-to-be-happy camping trip. Thus, bringing some bug sprays or mosquito repellant is important, most especially when you are camping with kids or younger ones. Bring at least 3 bug or mosquito sprays so in case you lose one, you still have another two to use. 

4.    Be Familiar With All of Your Camping Gear

Before going to the site, it is important to be familiar with the camping gear you will bring during the activity. For example, the most common is the setting up of the tent. Most beginners only try setting up the tent when they are already in the area which can consume a lot of time. Thus, instead of enjoying, you’ll end up figuring out how to set up specific camping gear

5.    Be Prepared for Worst-Case Scenarios

One of the most common scenarios during a camping trip is the chances of getting stuck in the rain. Since there is no assurance that the weather will be good all the time or as expected, it is crucial to be prepared to camp in the rain. Rob’s advice on waterproofing a tent teaches clever ways on how to prepare your tent in times of severe weather. 

Of course, you would not want to go camping in the rain, but who knows when it will be raining, right? Thus, being prepared, like waterproofing your tent shall also be on your top list. 

6.    Thick Blankets and Extra Sleeping Bags 

Even in the summer, the night air can get colder than expected. You may not feel the coldness in the early evening but as soon as the clock reaches midnight, you may gradually feel the frosty air and wake up freezing. You would not want that to happen, would you? Of course, not! 

So, to be prepared for freezing low temperature, you may have to opt for bringing thick blankets and extra sleeping bags in case someone comes and joins in. Also, for a complete comfortable sleep, bring the best camping mattress with you as that also somehow protects your back from the cold. 

The above-mentioned things are just some of the most important things you need to prepare for your camping trip. Other than that, you also have to make sure you bring enough food, snacks and other essential supplies. Thus, if you still have some additional things to bring on the campsite, never forget to include them on your checklist. Happy camping! 

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