Check the American Rockies off your travel bucket list this fall

You can’t get enough of travel. For every trip you take, three more places get added to your ever-expanding bucket list. However, some pull more at your heartstrings than others. 

The American Rockies is one of them, but not for much longer. This fall, you’ve finally decided to scratch this world-famous destination off your list. However, visiting isn’t as easy as simply jumping on a plane. To make the most of your time, you need to make preparations first.

Below, we’ll run down what you need to know before you set off to one of the globe’s most beautiful spots.   

Pre-trip preparations

At first glance, the United States appears to be an easy place to travel to. However, if you aren’t careful, you could be stuck in several embarrassing predicaments. Most importantly, the United States government requires all visitors (except for Canadians and Mexicans) to secure an ESTA before travel.

Thankfully, the process is relatively simple. You simply need to fill out a form and pay a nominal fee. In 95% of cases, you’ll get an approval within minutes. However, in a minority of cases, you may need to supply additional documentation. For this reason, we recommend applying no less than three days before departure.

Next, you’ll need to consider the weather. While fall in the Rockies can be warm, sudden cold snaps can result in “surprise” snowfalls. As such, it is vitally important to pack warm clothes suitable for winter conditions.

Finally, buy a TSA-approved lock for your checked baggage. Airport security is tight in America – accordingly, conventional luggage locks will be cut off by TSA agents. They can open TSA locks with a master key, which allows them to do their job without breaking your regular lock.

Getting there

Now, it’s time to book your flight. Most access the American Rockies by flying to Denver, Colorado. Numerous airlines offer non-stop flights – British Airways, American Airlines, and Lufthansa are just a few. Expect to be in the air for nine and a half to ten hours.

Top destinations in the American Rockies

After a restful sleep, jump into your hire car and experience the best the Rockies has to offer. First, make your way to Aspen. Colorado is home to many mountain resort towns, but this one stands out. When celebrities and wealthy Americans want to play in the mountains, many make the trip out here.

Get in touch with nature by visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. Here, you’ll find some of the best peaks, lakes, and forests in the American Rockies. Got more time on your hands? Venture into Wyoming and visit Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. The former contains captivating geothermic springs, including the world-famous geyser, Old Faithful. The latter boasts wilderness you won’t find anywhere in Europe.

Best places to stay

As you venture through the Rockies, don’t forget to treat yourself. In the Aspen area, spend a night at the Viceroy Snowmass. From their professional valets to their nightly turndown service, the service there is top-notch.

Experience life in Wyoming in style by staying at Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa. From horse rides to fly fishing expeditions, you’ll get to live the cowboy life, if only for a while. In the evening, a masseuse and a dry sauna will provide a perfect end to your day of adventure.

Cool things to do

In Autumn, the American Rockies are a cracking place to go leaf-peeping. Aspen trees cover the lower elevations in a sheen of gold, while avalanche paths burn with deep reds.

If you’re lucky enough to experience warm weather, many trails remain hikable throughout September and October. Likewise, many rafting companies offer day float trips during these two months.

Sometimes, though, winter arrives early. As such, you might be able to hit the slopes early in parts of Colorado. Trail availability may be limited, but if you’re eager to get some turns in, you’ll have the opportunity.

The American Rockies are at their best in Autumn

By September, American kids are back in school and summer holidays are over. From September on, saner crowds prevail. Combine that with changing leaves, and you’re sure to have a fantastic holiday in the American Rockies!

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