Catching the Rays: Eight Items to Bring to the Beach This Summer

Are you planning to head to the coast for a summer vacay? Hey, having fun in the sun is something that has immense benefits. Going to the beach to relax and catch some rays on a beautiful and breezy beach is a great way to escape the hullabaloo of daily life.

However, you are going to need some essential items if you want to have a great trip. Some of these items are quite obvious while others may be things you’ve never considered. Here are eight essential items for your beach trip:

Beach Mat

Kind of obvious, isn’t it? However, make sure you get the right kind of beach mat. Choose a beach blanket that is lightweight, folds easily, and dries quickly. There are some that have sand weights along the edges to prevent them from being blown around by the wind.

Waterproof phone cases

Let’s face it. We are addicted to our phones and a bit of sun and sand aren’t going to change that. Therefore, make sure that your phone is protected from the harsh elements by placing it inside a waterproof case. The phone case can also be used to hold other small precious items like jewelry. When that big wave comes, all your valuables will be safe.


There’s no way you can afford to leave your SPF at home when going to the tone of the Best Florida Beaches! Save money and buy some sunscreen while at home instead of buying them at one of the beach shops.

Small Beach Wristlet

Imagine having to drag around a heavy tote or beach bag whenever you have to dash to buy something. For the ladies, it’s pretty hectic going to the bathroom all the time with a beach bag. A small wristlet that can hold your money, keys, phone, and other small accessories are perfect in such scenarios.

Water Bottle

Don’t want to get all dehydrated when soaking up all that sun, do we? Grab a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic ones as the metal will provide good insulation and is eco-friendly. Better yet, go for a Brita filtered water bottle that you can easily refill to make your own clean water.

Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Protecting your skin is one thing, but what about your hair? Your hair is also sensitive to the elements and can easily be scorched and dried out by the hot sun. Grab a bottle of SPF hair spray or oil, especially if you are rocking colored or processed hair.

Underwater Digital Camera

If you want to capture some cool photos during your underwater adventures, then you are going to need a waterproof camera. There are some great waterproof cameras out there that have a wide range of camera functions, are affordable, and easy to use.

A Good Book

Grab a copy of a bestselling book and have a good read whenever you are sunbathing. Download one onto your Kindle and you’re all set.

And there you have it! Eight items you need when going to the beach this summer. A trip to the beach should be fun and memorable. With these essential items, you are going to enjoy your vacation!

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