30 Nov Capadoccia, Turkey’s Lost Underground Civilisation

With its unearthly charm and mystical aura, Cappadocia is a definite addition to your itinerary when visiting Turkey. Famed for its almost magical naturally carved stone towers, this timeless and majestic site not only draws people who simply want to gaze upon nature’s handiwork, but it is also a source of endless fascination for the part it played in human history, particularly early Christian history where it acted as a place of refuge for them centuries ago when they sought shelter from persecutors.

Stay the night

One of the best ways to experience the grandeur of Cappadocia is to actually sleep there for a night or two. Don’t be fooled into thinking that demands roughing it, though, as you could treat yourself to a stay in a luxury cave hotel along with all the mod-cons you would normally associate with any high-end suite, complete with beautifully illuminated pools in which you can bathe and swim, all beautifully lit in subdued lighting. It’s the perfect restorative. You even get the usual trappings of TV, Internet, and of course hot water. There are 4 towns from which to choose where you can enjoy an overnight stay in the caves of Cappadocia.

Subterranean city

In times past this network of stony towers and natural columns concealed an entire civilization, and was largely used by early Christians in a mind blowing network of subterranean chambers and tunnels. Here they could lead a relatively normal life away from the heat of persecution. Amongst other things, they left cave churches ornately carved out of rock nearly a thousand years ago replete with beautiful frescoes some of which have seen restoration in recent times. As well as the rock churches, they established a veritable underground city that, according to a recent discovery, would have been home to a staggering 20,000 people! Somehow the place still resonates with the vibes of that ancient community going about their daily life in that underground world. There’s no doubt a visit to the remains of Turkey’s lost underground civilisation is going to furnish you many memories for years to come.

By air

As well as staying in one of the luxury cave hotels, one of the best ways to see and experience this magical place is by air, specifically by floating over the top of it in a hot air balloon. If you can afford it, take a private tour for the ultimate experience, otherwise most companies offer tours of about 15 people. Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely agree that Cappadocia offers one of the most spectacular balloon rides of any place on Earth. Most of the aerial tours will reward you with champagne at the end of your trip so you can sit back, relax and truly take it all in. There are many companies that offer balloon rides across this magnificent place, and experiencing a bird’s eye view will make it stand out all the more in its hypnotic beauty.

When to visit

Cappadocia is a destination you can visit any time of the year but for a bit off added flare, wintertime offers the opportunity to ski in the Erciyes. While the months of July and August tend to be very hot, April, May and June, and September and October also offer an extremely pleasant temperature for you to comfortably enjoy your stay.

Whenever you decide to visit, and whether you choose to stay in a cave hotel and float over the mystical landscape in a hot air balloon or not, you will undoubtedly agree that Cappadocia is one of the most extraordinary places anyone could wish to visit.

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