You might have heard about CBD recently in the media and would have pondered its exact nature. Its sudden popularity would have intrigued your interest. You might have also used it as an added ingredient to your post-workout smoothie or perhaps your morning coffee.

Well, CBD stands for Cannabidiol which happens to be the second most active ingredient taken from the Cannabis sativa plant. Among one of the hundreds of components of marijuana, CBD is also included.

Research conducted by World Health Organisation reported, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with CBD in pure form.”

An example – the Bubba Kush strain 

Bubba Kush strain is an independent and strong CBD flower. It is heavy, and if you are using it for the first time, then it is advisable to begin using them slowly, especially at the initial stage. Bubba settles behind your eyes and in your head, giving you the distinct feeling of being ‘stoned.’

Bubba Kush appears as densely and firmly packed nuggets of various oranges and greens. It contains sticky and short leaves. When you shine a light on it, its many crystals beautifying the petals shine back. This flower contains a herbal odor. You might remember old, brooding and deep forests upon smelling it. Along with providing its characteristic dizzy feeling, it is strong and sedating, i.e., it puts its consumers into a peaceful sleep.

How does Cannabidiol work

It directly affects the brain. This substance seems to stop the breakdown of a certain chemical that is present in your brain. It affects your mood, ability to feel pain and mental functions. As this chemical is obviated from breaking down, and its level in the blood is heightened, it results in reduced psychotic symptoms linked with diseases like schizophrenia. It has also been shown to prevent psychoactive effects. Furthermore, it is beneficial in lowering pain. It also helps you to get rid of anxiety.

Health benefits of CBD

Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol is extremely effective in the treatment of crucial syndromes of childhood epilepsy like the Lennox Hastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. These show no response to anti-seizure drugs. In many reports, cannabidiol was shown to lower the number of seizures. While in others, it put a stop to them. Epidiolex, which is the first medicine derived from Cannabis, contains CBD.

The common usage of CBD is overcoming anxiety. It is also prescribed to patients who suffer from insomnia. Researches have proven cannabidiol assists in falling asleep as well as remaining asleep undisturbed.

It could also be used for treating various kinds of chronic pain. The European Journal of Pain conducted a study on the model of an animal, which proved that when CBD was used on the skin, it diminished pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. One more study showed that CBD inhibits the two hardest to treat chronic pains; neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

Early research shows that applying cannabidiol spray right under your tongue helps in improving muscle tightness and pain. However, it is not effective when dealing with muscle spasms.

Legality of CBD

You can easily obtain cannabidiol in many parts of the United States. However, its legality is in flux. The fifty states of the US all of them have laws that legalize CBD, although with different sets of restrictions. Today, the Federal government thinks of CBD in the same category as marijuana yet does not ban it completely. At the end of the year 2015, the Federal government lifted the restrictions so as to permit researchers to observe, experiment with cannabidiol and conduct trials. Now, lots of people worldwide obtain CBD without a medical Cannabis license. Thus, the government’s statement on cannabidiol is conflicting. There is hope that it might change in a few upcoming years.

Side effects 

Nausea, irritability and fatigue are among the side effects of consumption of cannabidiol. The process by which grapefruit juice increases the level of few medications present in your blood, leading to thinner blood; that’s exactly the same process used by Cannabidiol. 

An important concern while consuming cannabidiol is that it is bought and sold as a supplement rather than a drug. The safety of supplements is not regulated nowadays by the FDA. Hence, you can not be sure that what you have purchased is pure or not, and does it contain an active ingredient just like mentioned on the label. Moreover, it might also be manufactured with some unknown ingredients.

The bottom line

Cannabidiol has been examined and tested for its role in curing many health problems like anxiety,  acne, chronic diseases and depression. It may also provide relief to cancer patients.

However, research is still going on. There is still a lot of information that we can gather about its safety and nature.

If you want to try CBD, you can buy many products online, including Bubba Kush strain, gummies, lotions and oils.

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