Can CBD Help with My Anxiety and Depression?

By living in a world of information abundance and the constant rush, most of us experience persistent fear and anxiety. These may cause different mental problems, such as stress and depression.

However, one needs to deal with these problems rather than live with these conditions, which can only make things worse. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of remedies that can maintain your mental health. Yet, there is one that stands on top – CBD compound. 

What is the best way to take CBD oil, and can it really help you with anxiety and depression? This article will make things clear. 

How does CBD interact with the human body?

The human body has many different receptors. These are protein chemical structures that are attached to your cells and receive signals from various sources. CBD oil interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are mainly found in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The exact effects of CBD on CB1 receptors in the brain have not been fully investigated. However, it is well known that it could modify serotonin signals. Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter, plays a vital role in your mental health. 

Low serotonin levels are usually associated with depression. However, there is evidence showing that CBD can help people cope with a lack of serotonin. 

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CBD oil for anxiety and depression

One out of 13 people in the world lives with anxiety disorder, making it the most common mental health issue in the world. The good news is that clinical research shows evidence of the CBD therapeutic potential. Although most studies are preclinical and use animal testing, there are now emerging clinical research involving humans. 

CBD oil may also be beneficial for people with other forms of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Besides, it can help in treating insomnia caused by anxiety.

Nowadays, CBD oil is also widely used for depression. Experts suggest that CBD oil’s potential benefits for depression are related to its positive effects on serotonin receptors in the brain. 

A 2018 research showed that the CBD compound has an anti-stress effect that can reduce depression associated with anxiety. Yet, this area is still under active investigation: new research and reviews are published each year.

How to choose the right CBD dose while treating anxiety and depression?

The right dose is a very individual thing, so you need to find your own, which is good for your body. How does it work? Start with a small dose of the best CBD oil and increase it slowly until you feel an improvement. 

Some of the main factors that you should consider when setting a CBD dose include body weight, metabolism, CBD concentration, and the gravity of your anxiety or depression.

CBD concentrations vary between products and are usually expressed in milligrams (mg) and percentages.

Your unique body chemistry also affects how you respond to CBD oil. Some people assimilate medicines faster than others, which may be related to their genes or lifestyle. If you know that you are absorbing the medicine faster, you may benefit from a higher dose.

You can also use a calculator to find the approximate dose. A dose calculator can provide the recommended level of best rated CBD oil in milligrams depending on your body weight and how severe your symptoms are.

Once you are aware of your right CBD dose, you can look for the best CBD oil brands and purchase the product either online or in a local drug store. 

How soon does the CBD oil work?

The time between the CBD oil intake and appearance of the first effects varies depending on a number of factors, including its content, quality, and dose you consume. Some people opt for the best CBD vape oil, while others choose CBD edibles. 

Although all of the above factors play a specific role in how soon the CBD oil will work in your body, the most crucial factor is the method of consumption.

Generally, you should start to feel the effects of a CBD oil within 1-6 hours. However, it may take longer, and it all depends on how you intake it.

Wrapping up

CBD oil has become the perfect substitute for antidepressants. It stimulates the endocannabinoid system and accelerates the growth and development of nervous tissue with minimal side effects. Treatment of anxiety and depression with CBD oil is a natural way to stay in peace of mind for a long time. 

About Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor, the founder and CEO of ValidCBDOil, has been treating diseases for over ten years. He worked as a physician’s assistant in the 2000s and helped people with neurological conditions and chronic pain. After CBD was legalized in the US, Jamie decided to launch ValidCBDOil to help patients receive an efficient and, most importantly, harmless treatment for their conditions.

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