British Students flock to Study Medicine Abroad in Europe

A recent survey found that studying medicine in Europe is fast becoming the most sought after reason for educational tourism. Educational-tourism means traveling abroad to study at a university or school.

Students are now opting to study demanding courses like medicine, dentistry and pharmacy abroad. This experience provides an opportunity to travel to a new country and explore a new culture, while getting an education and a new perspective.

Some of the most popular destinations are Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia, all located in Europe. The reason many students moved to Eastern European countries is mainly due to the low living costs, low tuition fees and full accreditation of the degrees in the UK. British students like to travel abroad as it provides a wealth of experience and exposes students to new beliefs. 

Requirements of students who study abroad

Students usually opt for foreign cities that are safe, have an international airport and a diverse population. It’s often more comfortable for students to take direct flights to the region they’ll study in; hence accessibility is normally a priority. The majority of students also prefer to go to a destination that has many English speaking natives while offering high quality education, such as Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine.  

Students like the idea of learning a new language and immersing themselves in a new atmosphere.  It’s also much more interesting to be on a university course with an international and diverse community. 

The logistics of studying abroad 

In order to move overseas, students must consider the logistics of living in a foreign country away from home. Naturally young students and their parents are firstly anxious and worried but also excited. In addition to all the standard necessities of going abroad, it’s usually very important that the student has access to money. Each country has its currency; hence students should exchange their cash into the local currency before flying in. Students should also find the nearest money transfer locations abroad. Another important aspect is setting up a phone plan with the local network provider so you can communicate with your family back home when you’re feeling home-sick. However, it’s not all doom and gloom because feeling home-sick can be beneficial. It forces you to go out, socialise and make new friends. 

Essential Items to Pack

You must pack your bags and suitcases carefully before travelling. Firstly, know the place you’re going abroad by reading about it online. This will give you an idea of what you need to bring with you. It’s important you take basic medicine , because your health is important.  Once students have settled into their new environment they should find a local doctor’s clinic, medical hospital and dentist. This is essential in case the student needs any medical care while studying their course abroad. You should also take a laptop to study with, some notebooks for note-taking during course and various clothes for the different climates.

Overall, travelling to study abroad can be the best decision for a young person, especially those who are seeking stable careers like medicine or dentistry, while still enjoying their years at university. Many students seek the assistance of a more experienced person or organisation when moving abroad. Having the right support can make the transition smoother and more accessible. Some agencies such as Medlink Students exist specifically for this sort of help.

Are you considering studying medicine in Europe or any other course abroad? Let me know in the comments.

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