Brit Love: Russian Tea Room in Bacup, Lancashire

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Russian Tea Room, Bacup, Lancashire

I haven’t made it to Russia yet on my travels, but St. Petersburg is definitely high-up there on my list of places to visit. I imagine myself with a fur stole around my shoulders wearing red lipstick and spying on people over the top of a newspaper. (OK, so I know it won’t really be like that, but one can dream.)

Last Saturday I had a little taste of Russia when I visited the Russian Tea Room in Bacup, near Rossendale in Lancashire. Being a Brit, I love my tea! I’ve been to a lot of tea rooms, but I was quite excited to try Russian-style tea.

The Russian Tea Room is owned by a family of Russians from Moscow. They have a mind-boggling tea menu consisting of over 50 different teas! It was extremely hard to choose, so I opted for the Russian Caravan. If you’re not into your tea, then they also have coffee and milkshakes too.

russian caravan tea at the Russian Tea Room in Bacup, Lancashire

They have a food menu serving Russian snacks like beetroot soup with sour cream, Pelemeny, Vareniky and pancakes stuffed with mincemeat and onions. They also serve salads, all-day breakfasts, paninis, sweet pancakes, cakes, chocolates and desserts.

Unfortunately since it was nearing the end of the day they had run out of some of the Russian options, so I had pancakes cooked using traditional Russian methods with lemon and sugar. Delicious!

Russian pancakes with lemon and sugar at the Russian Tea Room in Bacup

The Russian Tea Room has lots of Russian dolls everywhere and a painting of St. Basil’s in Moscow on the wall. There are also books lying around to keep you entertained. If you want something a little stronger than tea, they have quite a selection of Russian vodkas that will knock your socks off!

Russian Tea Room in Bacup, Lancashire

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